Vampire Diaries Season 2 Spoilers Taylor Kinney Talks Uncle Mason

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Spoilers Taylor Kinney Talks Uncle Mason

Celebuzz did a great interview with one of the "Vampire Diaries" newest cast members, Taylor Kinney. He talks about working with Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and the fabulous Nina Dobrev, playing a werewolf and much, much more.

Your character Mason doesn’t get along with the Salvatore Brothers, Damon and Stefan (Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley.) How is Mason going to fare against these two vampires?

I can tell you that it’s just going to escalate. The Salvatore Brothers don’t back down. Stefan, in most cases, would be the voice of reason but then Mason goes in and kinda affects him. I attack him as well. The tension between the three of us only escalates. It’s a chess match and it’s a boxing match. It really doesn’t stop anytime soon. There’s gonna be some good stuff in there.

Last week the huge bombshell was dropped – Mason is one of the countless dudes under vampiress Katherine’s (Nina Dobrev's) spell. Will Mason be another one of her casualties?

Mason’s not that naïve. He geniuinely has an affection and passion for Katherine. As of now, if there’s any possibility of her trying to manipulate a situation to get one up on him, maybe he’s molded a little, but I don’t think he cares. It’s one of those things where he met her, say a year ago, and he fell in love with her. That’s in the forefront of his mind.

The rest of Taylor's interview can be read here.