Vampire Diaries Season 2 Spoilers New End Of Season Promo

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April 1, 2011

The CW has released a new promo for the return of The Vampire Diaries. The promo showcases scenes from the rest of season 2 and it is very spoilery. Can’t wait TVD family, just one more week!

  • Teauna

    Jesus I seriously HOPE Bonnie doesn’t die! That’ll hurt Elena, Jeremy, and most importantly, it’ll hurt her fans. They won’t even have a witch anymore if she dies and I hope that the withces to come (Lucy and Greta) aren’t here to take her spot on TVD.

  • D Silva

    No, don’t kill Bonnie off she makes such a good witch and shes Elena’s best friend!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Cristi

    since 2 months i can’t see the videos on the site…why?Can somebody help me?
    It’s drive me crazy, cause i can’t see the newest spoilers :(

  • Matej

    Hm.. yes we changed the video platform but no one ever said they had any problems.

    Make sure you’re using newer versions of your browser ( recommend chrome or firefox) and of course install latest flash player

    If you still continue to have problems, email me

  • reesa_

    can someone post the link to the vids too, please? cuz I can’t see them either and I don’t want to download all that crap! ;-)

  • Matej

    Latest browser or flash install is not crap, you should update :)

    until then

  • Georgie =)

    i don’t think bonnie will die. but three characters are going to be killed off before the season finale. my hopes are on jules, uncle john and maybe andie starr? i hope that damon was about to tell elena that klaus is here and that’s why she was crying. i think jenna finds out about vampires in the next episode. it should be good… =)

  • Anonymous

    I think Bonnie is going to be killed off sadly! She’s one of my favorite characters and is important.

  • VampireDiairesALLtheWay

    Wonder what was Damon “About” to say to Elena whike she was crying

  • VampireDiariesALLtheWay

    And theres no point killing off bonnie. They might but then they can make her come back because of some magical reason or like emily hepled her or lucy or something like

  • Natasha

    You called this one about Bonnie girl! I didn’t see it coming and I really thought she was dead. Yes, I was crying, don’t judge.

    Thanks for posting!