Vampire Diaries Season 2 Spoilers Love Is In The Air

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January 12, 2011

Kristin has some follow-up scoop about “The Vampire Diaries”. Looks like Bonnie and Jeremy will be heating up and Caroline will have her choice in beaus.

Gregory: Is it true what your frenemy said about Bonnie and Jeremy kissing on The Vampire Diaries? What more will happen from there?
I’m told that for now, there’s not much more planned beyond the kiss. But yes, the kiss will indeed happen. Who’s happy? And if not, what is wrong with you?! I kid. Not really.

@CAccolaWeb (via Twitter): Previously you said that Matt and Caroline fans shouldn’t give up hope…Is that still the case now?
I see no reason to give up hope now! As far as I know, Matt and Caroline will be in a love triangle with you-know-who (Tyler), but so far no indication on which guy will come out the big winner. What I can tell you is that there will be some smoochery. And sooner rather than later.

  • Pheana(vee-anna)

    yes im happy for the bonnie and jeremy kiss its about time lol. and as for caroline, as much as i loved her with matt i just have to say that i rather see her with tyler

  • Pheana(vee-anna)

    lol and just for anyone who is like whats with your name i just gave u a way to pronounce it lol