Vampire Diaries Season 2 Spoilers Kevin Williamson Talks About What’s To Come In 2011

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December 10, 2010

Last night’s episode, “By The Light Of The Moon” prepped us perfectly for a windfall of story to come in 2011. There were huge chunks of mythology and purpose revealed last night and Executive Producer Kevin Williamson chatted with Popwrap about what’s to come when the “The Vampire Diaries” returns January 27th. He spoiled about returning characters, Damon’s emotional development, family ties and much more.

PW: Which brings us to the moonstone, its non-destruction, Luca and Jonas. What’s up there?
Kevin: The second half of the season will really delve into the relationships between Jonas, Elijah and Klaus – who is still off camera at this moment. We start to answer who they are, who they were, how they know each other, what they are to each other, what they’re up to and how Mystic Falls factors into it. And by Mystic Falls, I mean Elena.

PW: Speaking of Klaus, have you guys started think about who should play it, how they should play it and when they’re going to play it?
Kevin: Yes we have started casting, but we’re not sure what episode he’ll appear. We don’t know if we should go old world gentlemen – very proper and prim. That’s kind of the expected way to play it. Then we could go and cast someone unusual — but we don’t want to blow the casting. If it takes us a little longer to find the right actor, we’ll take it. We have a lot of story to tell before he shows up and a lot of story to tell after he shows up.

PW: What about bringing back old faces — Katherine dropped the Isobel bomb on Stefan, will we see Mia Kirshner again this season?
Kevin: Maybe. We do utilize her character, but whether or not she comes to Mystic Falls, I’m not sure. We haven’t broken those story lines just yet. We see a world in which she could, but we also see a world in which she doesn’t. So we’re just trying to figure out what best serves us to get to the finale.

PW: Another big season long question started to get answered last night when Rose began to succumb to Jules’ werewolf bite. But I’m guessing fans shouldn’t assume that means she’s going to die.
Kevin: We implied that a bite was fatal, but those legends are tricky. You don’t always know. We are going to show what happens when a werewolf bites a vampire in very much the same way the Tyler curse played out. I think there needs to be a true jeopardy when a werewolf bites a vampire, or there’s no real conflict. Then a vampire can just kill anyone. The werewolf needs to truly be a threat to a vampire on a full moon. They need to want to stay home, lock their doors and hide because if you get nicked, it’s a horrible, horrible, horrible ordeal.

PW: I’ve really come to like Rose — and clearly Damon has as well.
Kevin: Rose and Damon aren’t meant to be together. She is a mirror into his humanity. She came in, helped him out, gave him some information and is now saying, we’ll never love each other because you’re in love with Elena. It’s all about Elena – the whole point of Rose is to throw up a mirror and let Damon see what he is. She’s so open about Damon loving Elena. Rose is just one more step in Damon’s journey.
Read the full interview here.

  • Lucydellar

    damon is too good for stupid elena. she and stefan should just die. Their relationship would be more exciting if they were dead they if they are alive. Elena is too boring for damon. She doesn’t deserve HIM. he deserves her, but she doesn’t deserve him. It annoys my how damon always saves Elena, and then she keeps running into stefan’s arms. Its so annoying. She is such a liar. She is lying about not loving damon. Elena is such a bitch, i hate her so much. Congratulations cw, you have the most boring couple on your show: stefan and elena. They should go to hell because damon is the man! He is too good for them. Damon deserves some one better then Elena, because she is a fucking bitch for lying about her feelings. Why should he care about her, she doesn’t even care about him. Why should damon keep getting hurt by that bitch. And why is everyone choosing stupid saint stefan. I just wan’t to grab a stake and stick it through his heart!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck you, elena and stefan, you both deserve eachother, your both PATHETIC!!!!

  • A.

    How old are you? 2? Are you aware that it’s just a show? You must have issues for having such a strong death wish on a TV character. Do you have a similar strong heartfelt assurance about Damon being real and that one day he’ll show at your doorstep to thank you for your devoted affection? Get a life!

  • Delena

    The show is what it is, if “The Vampire Diaries” offends you in some way, you shouldn’t watch. The primary premise of the show is a high school girl that’s trying to navigate her supernaturally charged life after her parent’s tragic death. It’s about struggle, love, unexpected feelings and friendship. The show is about Elena, as are the books. I love Damon and Elena as a couple, but it’s about the journey and what it takes to get there. You don’t get where you want in life immediately, it’s slow, tediuos and riddled with mistakes. Let’s try to keep the hate to a minimum and respond with more mature, relevant comments :). Happy viewing!