Vampire Diaries Exclusive: Who’s Getting Turned Into A Vampire ~ Identity Revealed

An inside source has shared with Spoilers Guide the identity of who exactly will be getting turned into a vampire in the much anticipated Season 2 of the "Vampire Diaries" that premieres September 9th on the CW.

In our previous post eOnline spoiled that at least one character that we already know and that is human will turn into a vampire in season 2. Pretty vague, but very tantalizing ;)!

While we won't come right out and name the human who will become a vampire this season, we won't leave you hanging. Here's a juicy spoiler/hint:

Our source tells us (confirmed to us by official sources), that Katherine ~Nina Dobrev confronts the character.

The character in question is female and she's a new vampire! There will be a violent, vicious fight(Vamp v/s Vamp) between her and Katherine. Well, now that definitely narrows it down for you. 

Whoever it may be and whatever happens next is for you to guess, but it's an absolute certainty that season 2 of the "Vampire Diaries" will be amazing. Here's to unforgettable season 2 "Vampire Diaries"!!

Who do you think the new Vampire in Mystic Falls will be and will she make it to season 3?

Source: Spoilers Guide

Stay tuned, very soon we'll be adding a poll with the list of candidates!