Vampire Diaries Season 2 Spoilers New Character

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Spoilers New Character

Another tiny spoiler for all the TVD fans. TV Guide Mega Buzz has spilled, more like leaked, that a new character will be coming to Mystic Falls.

Help! I can’t tell if the werewolves are the good guys or the bad guys on The Vampire Diaries. — Cory

MICKEY: I can’t either, but perhaps a new addition to the cast will clarify everyone else’s relative goodness. He’s a man of few words
who allows his piercing eyes to do the talking for him. I’m hearing
him compared to the Haitian on Heroes, which means those peepers
are probably good for more than just lookin’.

To refresh your memory, the Haitian possessed the ability to erase people's memories and negate the powers of anyone who came close to him. Sounds like the new Vamp in town will be not only powerful, but quiet a contender for anyone standing in his way.

What do you think this new, powerful Vampire will be up to in Mystic Falls?