Vampire Diaries Season 2: Part 2 of Sara Canning Interview

Vampire Diaries Season 2: Part 2 of Sara Canning Interview

Yesterday we gave a little spoiler about Aunt Jenna~Sara Cannin and Alaric~Matthew Davis via an interview Sara gave to Hollywood Crush. In this second part Sara talks about what else is in store for Aunt Jenna.

For all the bloodletting, witchcraft and general supernatural nonsense transpiring daily in Mystic Falls, you’d think every citizen in town would be aware of the ooky, spooky goings-on. But there are a few who have yet to be clued in, including Elena’s Aunt Jenna. Even though her niece hobnobs with the undead, her sort-of-boyfriend is a vampire hunter and her brother-in-law was murdered in her kitchen by a deranged bloodsucker, she is, inexplicably, none the wiser. And “Vampire Diaries” actress Sara Canning, who plays Jenna, says it’s a good thing.

“I think one of the most important things about Jenna’s character is that she’s one of the only people left who aren’t in on everything,” she told Hollywood Crush. “There’s so much going on that doesn’t involve solely vampires—it’s just as much about watching relationships develop and crumble, and teenagers dealing with their parents, heartache and betrayal, and the history of the town—the sort of status system. It’s an important aspect that Jenna is holding down the fort in reality. As much as Jeremy and Elena can be swept up in this mystic world that is encompassing their own reality, they can always go home, and Jenna is really there for them.”

Sara isn’t sure when her character will catch on, saying she’ll likely be in the dark for a while still. “I have a feeling that she won’t [know] for at least the first part of this season,” she said, adding, “I think it’s kind of cool that she’s one of the only people left who’s really dealing with her own stuff—dealing with her master’s and raising two teenagers all of a sudden. I think it’s an important aspect of her character at this point.”

Source: Hollywood Crush