‘Vampire Diaries’ Rumored Plot Line For Season’s 2 End!

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May 3, 2011

The Vampire Diaries sophomore season is coming to a close. Spoilers and speculation have been flying high for the CW hit and I have an intriguing rumor to pass along to the TVD fans. Keep in mind the following plot line is only rumored and it’s anyone’s guess as to it’s accuracy.

During the Sacrifice Damon will get bitten by a werewolf and what should be a tender moment between Elena and Stefan will reveal itself to be a bittersweet farewell. Stefan is going away to search for a cure for his dying brother in season 3. During the Gone With The Wind movie night in town’s square Damon’s dementia causes him to confuse his memories of 1864 Katherine with his present day feelings for Elena. A long awaited Delena moment happens when Rhett embraces Scarlett for their epic kiss and Damon passionately kisses our heroine. This time Elena doesn’t reject him and returns Damon’s advances as he collapses to the ground. Elena falls with him, kneeling there beside him, distraught and unsure.

Well, personally I think it’s more than plausible and an amazingly awesome twist to end season 2 with.

Readers, tell me what you think! What are your thoughts/feelings? Special thanks to Carla for the heads up!

  • Bella

    OMFG OMFG!!!!!!! This would MAKE MY LIFE!!! <33 PLEASE LET IT BE TRUE!

  • twanz

    lol funny as hell… yet sweet for delena but terrible for the brothers.. while stefan goes away to save his brother despite all his issues he manages to steal his girl.. lol.. thats what happen when u try to help family they stab u in the back.. but the long awaited kiss was needed lets see how it goes from there.. but it will hurt poor stefan he is away tryin to help

  • http://twitter.com/AyooshKhalifa Ayoosh

    OMG OMG OMG OMG , if that really happen I’m gonna faint

  • rosalovesdamon

    omggg, if that did happen i’d stop breathing? damon getting bitten:O i’d cry for weeks,but the delena bit i’d love..i kinda hope its true. xx

  • http://www.formspring.me/rosaboom rosalovesdamon

    no poor stefan,he’s an ugly pusssay x

  • http://twitter.com/AyooshKhalifa Ayoosh

    this is so vampire diaries type of thing , they always make surprises and that seems like that , I just hope they tell us something relieving before the end of the season , cause I can’t wait 3 months to know what happens

  • NaTiDeLeNaFaN

    Me too:D we guessed he will be bitten by a werewolf:D that explains his confusion!In that way Elena couldn’t run from her feelings for him!Not anymore!But he will probably forget it afterwards:’((( like she forgot he said her “I love you”…:’(

  • http://twitter.com/AyooshKhalifa Ayoosh

    Also in the TVD book , stefan goes away to find something to turn him into human . I think they turned it to make him looks like he’s going to search for a cure

  • Aoifethornton06

    holy crap! DAMONNNN

  • http://www.spoilersguide.com/ Matej

    Just to be clear people, we heard this from non-confirmed source so it’s just a rumor now.

  • http://www.spoilersguide.com/ Matej

    Just to be clear people, we heard this from non-confirmed source so it’s just a rumor now.

  • Me4472

    as awful as this is 4 stefan i like this. hope it happens:)

  • Me4472

    tho wish he could knw wut was hapeening when they kiss.

  • Lola

    I’d say the werewolf was gonna bite stefan and Damon jump in front of Damon so stefan would have to go find a cure for Damon cuz there brothers and he almost giving up his life for him but it’s just a theory !!!!

  • <3

    Is this just a rumor or will it happen?!?! :S
    I hope Delena will happen!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • http://twitter.com/AyooshKhalifa Ayoosh

    I think it damon will jump in to save elena and not stefan

  • delenafan100


    D.E.L.E.N.A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Naomi

    OH my god, this will be amazing. It’s so freaking depressing and sad, but …this will be an amazing season finale. IF it is true, of course

  • lalala:D

    this is completely fake….
    the promo pic with stefan and elena is from the episode the last day which is the next episode. the one with elena and damon is from the episode “as i lay dying”
    also the rumor doesn’t fit with any of the synopsises released from the final 3 episodes.
    from what was said in the synopsis about “as i lay dying” it pretty much say’s something happens to stefan.

    here is my theory:
    stefan gets bitten by a werewolf at the end of the episode. but for most of the episode they are trying to avoid the full moon because of klaus’s “new species” they are in more danger than usual. the promo photo of elena and damon is a moment when they can’t find stefan and that is why elena looks so sad and damon looks all freaked.

    ^^^so anyone agree with my theory??:D^^^

    oh btw there was a promo photo of stefan that said “dying to save her” when damons promo photo only said ” i’ve been a bad, bad boy”
    so that make me think stefan is dying from a werewolf bite. D:

  • iamnotsirirak

    :’( Damon better not die. PLEASE.


    if that really happened,i would be pretty surprised that this rumor was true but i wouldnt really be happy. i would rather have stefan be bitten by a werewolf……sorry stelena fans but a delena fan always sticks with her team (Damon and Elena)

  • Tany

    mientras este sola con damon pero apenas aparece stefan todo cambia, pues él es su verdadero y unico amor

  • Jane

    Um he has dementia so not poor Stefan. he kisses Elena under what circumstances. Don’t judge Damon just yet… We saw how Rose was when bitten and Stefan has been throwing his GF @ Damon to save for 2 seasons now & even said he doesn’t care if he loves her as long as he protects her so it shouldn’t come as a HUGE surprise if that is ur attitude about the two of them.

  • Jane

    We get that but we can still get excited over the idea of it! Don’t rain on our parade!

  • Jane

    And since this is what Stefan wants… Damon protecting Elena even if he loves her shouldn’t be a surprise right?

  • Taylor

    Well who will protect Elena when Stefan leaves to find a cure?…. Cleary she can’t be left with Damon bc of the dementia

  • E Quigley

    This is horrible. Damon is immature and kills people whenever he feels like it, how can Elena ever fall for him? Let’s not forget how he tortured & raped one of her friends, tried to kill another and also attempted to turn her brother into a vampire. I’m not even a “Stelena” shipper but it’s obvious which Salvatore brother is better for Elena.

  • Bree

    I like it. But (to speculate) how would this story fit in with the whole “damon’s desperately seeking forgiveness from Elena” synopsis? What would he be seeking forgiveness for? Getting bit?

  • matuska23

    damon now is better and i think he deserves elena he deserves happy and love and damon love elena very much but way no?its time for delena and finally admits her feelings for damon

  • Raluca

    maybe he’s seeking forgiveness for all that he did to her during these 2 series.

    anyhow, if it ends like that, OMG.

    Can’t wait :).

  • Josie

    To reply “lalala”

    If this wearwolf thing happens, it’s going to happen to Damon. I think that’s a obvious given. Mostly because The writers know that they have to give some Delena at the end, and it still has to be angstful.

    The plot line for the last episode is that “Damon confuses Elena for Katherine etc.” (at least that’s what it says on IMDB, I know it isn’t certain since anyone can post shit on Imbd but I’ve seen it elsewhere) So Logically it would be Damon dying from the bite and not Stefan.

    Symphonists and trailers are always very cryptic to confuse viewers, it might look like it’s going to happen to Stefan to you, but it is probably going to happen to Damon if it happens at all.

    And let’s be honest. Thinking about a situation where Stefan gets bitten by a werewolf and Elena has to watch out for him for a whole episode wouldn’t be something new. It would be to much alike any other situation on the show.

  • http://www.spoilersguide.com/ Matej


  • lui

    Why the hell did she fall for Stefan? He’s not he better guy. He also killed a lot of people and of course some people of her family! Damon didn’t. So altogether since last week I don’t like Stefan at all. Damon is trying to be the better man and Stefan wants to ruin it. Besides Elena is the man in this relationship. Stefan is like her puppy lol and he does all things she’s saying.. even if it’s wrong. Stefan is not capable to save her. I’m looking forward to see more Delena scenes and even if Damon is bitten.. He’ll never die bc most people are watching the show bc of him. sorry for grammar mistakes or whatever English is not my first language

  • BieberJBDelena

    It looks as if Damon’s compelling Elena in the picture for some reason, probably for a good reason. Look at Elena’s face and eyes, it looks as if she’s being compelled. Just a little thought. #Delena. <3

  • Natasha~Spoilers Guide

    The photo of Damon and Elena is from the finale, “As I lay Dying”, which happens after the sacrifice. That ep is centered around a “GoneWith The Wind’ movie night in
    town’s square. The Sacrifice happens in this week’s episode, “The Last Day”, and may carry into next week’s ep, “The Sun Also Rises”.

  • Marinasilviagarcia

    is very difficult for damon I know, but would not want to see Elena and Stefan separated, their love is indispensable to the success of the series, I know that a large number of fans want to see Delena too, but the writers are incredibly smart and go find another way out, this passion for damon elena is beautiful to see and her attraction for him but also stelena is key!

  • Marinasilviagarcia

    stefan is beautiful…very beautiful!

  • Marinasilviagarcia

    damon com certeza vai se imprudente e stefan como sempre irá se sacrificar para ajudar, ou damon para salvar elena ou stefan será mordido como rose o salvou, muitas emoções com certeza! esta série ainda vai nos levar a loucura pode crer!!! e as paixões entre o trio vão dilacerar nossos corações! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marinasilviagarcia

    damon is sure to be as reckless and stefan will always sacrifice themselves to help, or to save damon elena or be bitten as rose stefan saved him a lot of emotions for sure! This series will also lead us to believe me crazy! and passions among the trio will tear our hearts! OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marinasilviagarcia

    every fan thinks one thing, he prefers a certain couple, but in hindsight it was nice to see the passion between the three and I bow to the authors for the ability they have to leave in each chapter with one wanting more, making these three super actors delighted our dream every day, I personally am going to sleep all day longing for love from stefan (I think it the most) I love seeing him with elena, damon .. but do not know … I want to see it well, love he! elena not need comments … I’m envious! hahahah!

  • Natasha

    Probably the death of the major character. My guess about who’s dying is Matt, but that’s pure speculation. Thanks for posting :)!

  • Natasha

    If it’s true, that’s why it’s a cliffhanger baby! We’ll find out in Season 3. Maybe Elijah stays behind…please God, because I love him!

  • D Silva

    Go Delena all the way, I’m jumping for joy!!!!!! ;)

  • Natasha

    Awesome post Josie! Thanks for spoiling with us :) and I’m in complete agreement.

  • Purple_love

    its kind of d same as in the novels aite ? but do you guys think that Elena and Stefan gona break up ?

  • saraxoxo

    guys, do you think tht stefan and elena will break up ? btw is Matt a vampire now ?

  • FuriousPhoenix99

    I don’t think matt will become a vampire! We can’t make all the characters vampires hehe. But I think if Damon is bitten he will be bitten by klaus!!!

  • Julia

    Did a night out or what?You seem drunk (: STEFAN WON’T DIE,NIETHER DAMON.From what i found out(my own source),Klaus will die :))

  • Natasha

    I thought it would be Jules to bite him. She made it a point several times to remind Damon he was her target. I also think Jules will die, but Tyler will live. I can’t wait to see :)!!! Thanks for posting!

  • Natasha

    No, I don’t think they’ll break up. Stefan will just be away for a little while in season 3 if it’s true. Matt is still human, but he now knows about the monster mash in Mystic Falls. I speculate that Sheriff Forbes will deputize Matt and make him help help her in a plan to stop the sacrifice, or something, and he’ll get killed. I think that’s what the synopsis(ep 20) meant. Then in, Ep 21, “The Sun Also Rises”, there is a funeral scene. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out :)! Thanks for posting!

  • Natasha

    It is similar to one of the books. In the books Stefan goes off to become human again, but it’s all a trap and he’s taken prisoner. No, I don’t think they’ll break up. Stefan will just be away for a little while in season 3 if it’s true.

  • joy haldar

    sorry to say but stefan is trying to respect elena’s decision unlike damon who thinks elena cannot do anything but be a damsel in distress!! taking your lover’s POV does not make one puppy.showing eye-thing and exerting hotness and trying to be superconfident and supercool while thinking all other are incapable of saving elena.if you love someone really,you need to respect his/her decision,not impose you own idea on him/her.so,who is capable and who is not capable will be seen in season finale!!


    thank you so very much for posting all these fantastic pictures and new info on all the new vampire diaires episodes.

    i am really happy that elena and damon finally kiss but so so sad that damon has got biteen by a werewolf.

    i hope with all my heart that stefan can find a cure quickly, and the same thing doesnt happen to damon that happened to rose.

    and last of all, i DONT want bonnie to die!!!!!! its not going to be the same without her :( i feel so sad.

    i really cant wait for season 3!!!! lets hope its the best one :)
    (though god knows what they’ve got planned if its to be better than season 2.)

  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    Can’t wait!

  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    Can’t wait!

  • Mary


  • Estefic91

    Que se muera Damon! Por qué tiene que ser Stefan? No puede ser verdad. Espero que sean solo rumores sino me voy a morir de tristeza :(

    I ? Stefan!

  • Chloe

    i do think there will be a few delena moments before the season is up …. but as the stelena love goes i think no matter what fellings elena have for damon love, friends or what i think it will always be stefan. as for the tear full good bye between them im really scared i love stefan and elena love …x according to my sources the sacrifice is going to be one of the best episodes of the season ..

  • Anonymous

    I know its just a show. but the truth is in vampire diaries you can tell damen shows elena with everything he does he always loved her and stephen didnt have the same look on his face when he saw elena at the founders ball he was to busy bindging on blood and running away while damon danced with her. Im happy damon is finally getting a shot he deserves it and it makes me happy to see. :)

  • http://twitter.com/ILoveTVDGR Roi Salvatore

    Poor Stefan? Lol. I’m sure if he had a choice he wouldn’t help him. He will only help him for Elena.

  • http://twitter.com/ILoveTVDGR Roi Salvatore

    Damon did NOT rape Caroline… She enjoyed it. Have you even watched the episodes?

    Damon is the better choice. At least he doesn;t pretend to be someone he isn’t and he doesn’t lie.

  • http://twitter.com/ILoveTVDGR Roi Salvatore

    Damon has always respected Elena’s desicions. The only thing he wants at the moment is for her to be safe. Would you trust Elijah if you were in his shoes?
    I sure as hell wouldn’t!
    THEY TRIED TO KILL HIM! Elijah could kill them anytime!

  • Vampirelover92

    i totally, totally agree!!!!! ther, was me thinking i was the only fan that adores stefan and elena!!!! i just love the chemistryy they have together.
    i too feel sorry for damon and honestly beleive that elena has feelings for him, But i don’t think it has a scratch on the feelings she shares with stefan STELNA ALL THE WAY <3

  • Agob_1991

    I hope that this doesn’t happen !!!!

  • megan

    I think we just figured out the Season 2 Finale cliffhanger. I can see it now!

    A wolf surprises Stefan, Damon, and Elena and the wolf lunges for Elena but Damon jumps in front of it to save the day. Stefan searches for a cure and Elena grows closer to Damon as she takes care of him. Also tension between Damon and Stefan grow bigger because Damon says he loves Elena more. So much more that he would take a werewolf bite for her!

    I have no clue what’s going to happen, that’s just my guess according to the paragraph up there. But I don’t think that the bite would happen sooner than the last five minutes of season 2.

  • Lucy :)

    I don’t think they’ll ever officially and for good break up just as much as Delena won’t officially become a couple, ever. They will always have those moments (you know what I mean… ;), but I don’t think they’re the kind of couple that could be a couple.

  • Natasha

    If this is true, the bite will happen within the next two episodes, probably at the end of tomorrow’s ep, ‘The Last Day’, because the dementia happens in the finale. Oh, and I’m in total agreement with everything you said otherwise. The plot line seems really plausible :), can’t wait to see it all play out. Thanks for posting!

  • logic_bullet

    She tried to escape and he mind controlled her several times. She cries hysterically at certain episodes and he physically and verbally abused her. Have YOU watched the episodes?

    Damon doesn’t lie? Are we watching the same show?

  • magicface

    He tried to physically stop her from leaving the house and doesn’t listen to her ideas. Where’s the respect?

    Yeah, they should be careful about Elijah, but trying to shove Elena in a box and let her friends die isn’t really the best option either.

  • Love_27_31

    is damon gonna die??

  • Anonymous

    please please dont let damon die and let this show keep going this is what i live to watch.

  • hot4ian25

    If somthing bad happens and Damon or Ian isnt on the show i will die i love ian should be #1 on the hottest man alive list ! i will cry and watch lost season 1 again just to see him again :(

  • Mmccarthey

    Well look who was wrong……. Maybe this rumor is true :) I hope so

  • Hpitto

    I used to <3 Stefan but I'm delena all the way. Kill of Stefan if you must but leave my sexy Damon alone. he deserves happiness too and no matter what Elena tries to do she will always have feelings for Damon.

  • Adriana Doak

    I have watched the episodes and in no way did I construe Damon as “raping” Caroline.

  • Adriana Doak

    I have watched the episodes and in no way did I construe Damon as “raping” Caroline.

  • Stelena AND Delena fan!!


    Well we already know Damon got bitten by Tyler so i can just asume the rest is true! This is getting soo intense!!! Cant wait for next week!!!! :) delena <3

  • ponita

    this would be really cool, as long as damon didn’t die.

  • bobby

    omg! damon got bitten by tyler completely by acciednt!!! POOR DAMON!!!

  • crystalina

    If Damon dies, my life will be over.