Vampire Diaries Season 2 Exclusive New Vampires Target Elena!!

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Exclusive New Vampires Target Elena!!

Season 2 of the "Vampire Diaries" has just begun and the year of the Kat has already taken us for quiet a ride. Katherine has come back for Stefan, but the details of her diabolical plan are still fuzzy. Spoilers Guide has got spoilers that will occur between episodes 7 and 8, will be a game changing event. Our source tells us that a few new vampires will be visiting Mystic Falls.

Rose/Lucy, a sexy, hard core vampire is going to take Elena, but only to entice another uber-powerful vamp named Phillipe. Elena is exactly what Phillipe has been wanting and Rose/Lucy wastes no time letting him know she has his prize. During Elena's captivity with Rose/Lucy she learns some unnerving truths.

  • Rose/Lucy isn't going to kill Elena, someone else is/or at least planning to.
  • Stefan, her soul-mate, used to be a ripper.
  • A ripper is a vampire with no self control, that just rips you apart and feeds.

This begs several questions and opens the rest of the season up to wild speculation, as if we needed help;).

  1. Is Elena the target, bait or both?
  2. Who is this new vampire Phillipe and what are his plans for Elena?
  3. How will Elena cope with Stefan's dark past? Most importantly, though, how does Katherine fit into this deadly equation?