Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 21 “The Sun Also Rises” Photos

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April 28, 2011

The CW has released a batch of romantic stills for The Vampire Diaries, “The Sun Also Rises”. While Bonnie~Katerina Graham is hiding out, Jeremy~Steven R. McQueen looks happy to keep her company as they search through the old Grimoires. Looks like Bonnie and Jeremy will be closer than ever by season’s end. What do you think about their growing romance?

  • D Silva

    They look good together and Jeremy for once needs to be happy with someone. :) All of Jeremy’s other gf have died and he looks happy with Bonnie.

  • Resh Wan

    oh yes love bonnie & jeremy!! they need more scene!! pfffft but have to wait 2 weeks,hell,ok for them i’ll try my best!!ha!

  • Peaceblock

    Dear The CW,
    I have heard that Bonnie will die in this season. PLZZZZZZZZZ DONT LET HER DIE!!! Jeremy needs to be happy with someone! Plus does Bonnie have to die???? Let John Gilbert die instead!! I luv Bonnie!!!

  • bryan

    die for what reason? no its not a good idea if bonnie die..elina needs them,

  • Isabel

    Shame. John can’t die, then Elena will have NO parents left, and he has started being fair and nice!