Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 20 “The Last Day” Extended Promo

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April 22, 2011

Wow, is not a strong enough word for tonight’s episode. The CW has released the promo for The Vampire Diaries, “The Last Day”. It’s the eve before the full moon and it may be Stefan and Elena’s last day together.

  • Juju

    omg what was elena doing with stefan when she said close your eyes????????im scared!!

  • <3

    I thought she was saying ‘Klaus or us’. Hahaha! :D
    But now i heard that she was saying Close Your Eyes.
    BUT ANYWAY, CANT WAIT!!!!!!!! <3

  • Emma

    Tyler is back :) I hope nothing will happen to him in the season finale

  • Ayah1231

    omg i just cant wait for the next episode i wonder whats going to happen
    but really elena should of said more to damon when he told her he doesn’t want to lose her i swear she should be with him lol

  • Lina

    Is that Damon who is fighting with Tyler (and Matt and Caroline)? Why should he?

  • Graziella_schembri

    (SPOILER)i was watching clover tv and i hear that someone is not going to make for season 3,,:( but i don know who……

  • Graziella_schembri

    (SPOILER) i was watching clover tv and i hear that someone is not going to make it for season 3,,:( but i don t know who

  • Kkk

    omg reallly hope it is nt stefan!!!!!!!!!

  • Kkk

    nooooooo it is stefan and elena not damon!!!!!!11

  • Decker_blonde

    How fell from the staircase??…all I saw was black hair

  • Decker_blonde

    I ment who

  • Vicky

    Elena, I think… Katherine, maybe…

  • Katelyncarolexo

    I think Katherine, because it looked like she was getting up right away!

  • Mysara95

    Guys I guess Kat will die coz Klaus wouldnt let her go due to what had she done b4…well Stefan & Elena will break up soon , probably yeah ?

  • brooke

    DELENA and TYROLINE have to share a kiss in the season finale, otherwise I will be P-I-S-S-E-D !!!! CW BEWARE! I think the couples should be as follows: Damon and Elena, Caroline and Tyler, Bonnie and Jeremy, Jenna and Rick. And although Stef and Matt are both utterly and completely boring, they are actually good people so they should turn gay and hook up with each other. That would be a great turn-over, a good message to get across to all the kids growing up influenced by homophobia and everyone would be happy. LOLZ im a genius thats the way it should be…..

  • maria

    lolz I think you are my alter ego or somethin… I couldnt agree more…. Tyler is so hot and he needs to be wiv Caroline. As for the coming out of the closet plan, well frankly, its great!!!!! Matt and Stefan would be so lonely after their girlfriends chose the hot guys, and i feel sorry for them. But they cannot be an obstacle to true love…..

  • Eva06

    I think Elijah should be made a regular – kind of like Castiel on Supernatural. And Damon should be featured more instead of Stefan. The much less popular one – Stefan, should take a backseat to all the interesting, complex, hot guys: Damon, Elijah, and Tyler that majority of the audience wants to see. :D