Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 19 Spoilers Klaus’ Sparkling Debut

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March 19, 2011

The LA Times chatted with The Vampire Diaries EP Julie Plec about Klaus’ April 21st debut. Plec teased the return of Trevor, via a flashback, and gushed spoiled about Joseph Morgan’s Klaus.

“We will be seeing Trevor again this year,” executive producer Julie Plec revealed.

“It’s Episode 19, which is the first time we meet Klaus,” explained Plec. “We’re also going back into the past.”

Morgan “can handle the weight and the gravitas that Klaus needs, but he’s also got these dimples and this grin and this sparkle in his eyes,” she said. “You always need your villains to have multiple layers and to be able to kill you with kindness as much as they can kill you with violence. I think Joseph really represents that.” She adds that casting someone relatively unknown to American viewers gives the producers some exciting advantages. “We’ve been talking about [Klaus] for 15 episodes, so we really wanted to make it feel like it was something new for the audience.”

  • Rlhash

    you guys should make klaus and elena have a little “fling” or something going on between them..not death but romance that would be amzazing..oh and you should also make klaus “drain” anid starr cuz i dont like her being with damon..DELENA all the way :)

  • Pod1990

    elena should not have a fling with klaus think of damon she should have something with him and she should ditch stefen he is starting to bore me. damon is the brother and vampire she should be with and if you read the book klaus is the bad guy him and elena have no romance he just tries to kill everyone she loves .

  • Photoquest

    I think it would be awesome for Elena to finally turn to Dameon and act like she cares for him.

  • kaju4lyf

    hey dnt no wt ya tryin 2 saii buh i lyk damon wer he is buh i dnt wnt stefan an damon 2 fyt an plz dnt kill bonnie

  • kaju4lyf

    naa i disagree

  • jeandri

    I hate katerine in vampire diaries she spoils everything and Elena and Damon are so ment to be together !

  • VampireGirly

    I think Elijah still as feelings for Katherine and will turn to Elena even thou he said he wouldnt. Damon and Elena would be great but that would ruin everything! Klaus doesnt care about anyone and Elena already hates him so theyre wont be a “Fling”

  • Fati

    yeah I agree. Elijah definetly still has feelings for Katherine. Let’s hope he doesn’t turn to elena that would just complicate everything even more. And I WANT DAMON AND ELENA TO BE TOGETHER plz plz plz plz :( :( ENOUGH WITH STEFAN ALREADY HE’S BOOOORING :(

  • jeandri

    damon dies in the vampire dairies book and i hope that does not happen.but elena and damon have to get together because she and stefan are starting to bor me

  • jeandri

    i totally agree with you and by the wy elijah is aold man that whod be so wong

  • Raelynn

    My opinon is that Stegan should stay with Elena, they match each other more and i doubt that Elena will go to Damon anyways. Damon maybe should take Katherine. I dont see the difference between Elena and Katherine anyways, so why do it matter?