Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 18 “The Last Dance” Promo

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April 8, 2011

Wow, truly a fantastic episode of The Vampire Diaries! Those Originals really do have all sorts of special abilities and next week’s episode, “The Last Dance”, looks like it’s going to be the Decade Dance from hell. Here’s the promo, you decide.

  • D Silva

    I can’t wait to see this next episode of the Vampire Diaries. Awwww, Damon and Elena dancing!!!! I’m excited!!!!

  • Nicole

    Omg! Why did Elena slapped Damon? :O I hope there’s some Delena action!;D Can’t wait!

  • Tm9

    i want a stefan-damon fight over elana!!!! i want rick to came back!! and also tyler needs to get back to mistic falls and “tie up some lose ends”(as isobel said to rick) tell jenna you secret guys!! she deserves to know!! jeremy and bonie!! love tht couple!! will elana eva become a vamp??

  • Fayza_360

    oooohhhhhhhh EXCITING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……Elena belongs to with Stephan, we cant bear to see him heartbroken, Damon just has to get over it and date me insted hehehehe

  • 2011xxx

    love stefan n elana but think i mite love damon n elena more,,bonnie n jeremy r the perfect couple,, n caroline n matt!!! n tyler needs 2 get his arse back !!!

  • Raj_png87

    i have never watched any serials like this before… for an example supernatural or smallville… i laughed at the people addicted to the tv shows at one time but now no more…. vampire diaries is the only ass-kicking show that im mad about…. cant wait for the next series!! my favorite is all time damon!! he is so cool and natural in acting… stefan not bad too…. and for elena she is so sexy and gorgeous in the role of katherine!!! bonnie has tempting smile… catherine is cute!

  • Aloola Al Saleh

    when it will release?
    what date exactly?

  • Hs Vidya

    Looks liek Isobel has always been a poppet in Alaric’s hands…alias Klaus…Is the secret really out that Alaric is our final baddie to deal with ? wut say ?