Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 17 “Know Thy Enemy” Promo

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February 25, 2011

“The Vampire Diaries” had just as many sweet moments as it did OMG moments in tonight’s episode; I still processing all the twists and turns. Unfortunately, TVD is going on hiatus until April 7th, but the CW did give us a short promo for “Know Thy Enemy”. Enjoy and sound off below about what you thought of “The House Guest”.

Special thanks to Mil2aCle for uploading :).

  • Me4472

    WHY IS SHE BAK!!!! and y r kathrein and her such good freinds? well if she is bak then i hope some good elena and her scenes happen…

  • Dufour Solenne

    that’s sad anyway that Isobel likes more Katherine than her own daughter !
    But I kind of like her I don’t know why and Poor Poor Jenna … I want her and Rick so badly together…

  • jennk

    I thought the last episode was actually genius, it secured some of the storylines I was getting increasingly frustrated/upset with – the series does well in keeping the viewers hooked. I was very glad Bonnie got her powers back, the way they handled that scene was sweet, STUPIDLY HAPPY that Jonas died, what an asshole I hated him from the beginning. Sad Luka died, but that happens – I was devastated when Anna died in the first series.
    I love Katherine, but I think her and Stefan have unfinished business, I want Elena to open up to the feelings she compresses for Damon. I hope Matt doesn’t become a vampire, that’d be too much I think – but I hope he doesn’t die, however Matt’s death would make for a perfectly emotional tissue-needing episode.
    Isobel, I hate her :’) can’t help it, I cannot stand her. If she does anything to cross or hurt Jenna I’ll be yelling at my screen! I love Jenna, she’s the true mother to Elena even if she does seem to conveniently never be around during trouble..
    Looking forward to April 7th very much! It’s over a month though which makes me sad, but they need to keep us riled I suppose.

  • sunha

    what april 7?? :O what.. have to wait a month? :O

  • Sorin_andrei63

    i think next episode klaus will show up..

  • Ye Im CoOl

    nooooo im gonna go crazy waiting until april the 7th!!!!! :OOO :’( now thats it gettin sooo good aswell… :’(( ps: <3 damon <3 love what he does to catherine at the end hahaha epic <3 and <3 bonnie and jeramy are so cute together <3

  • Sweetgal_46

    wow!!!!! this was a cliff hanger episode. i mean bonnie gettin her powers bk and opening up to elena about she and jeremy. how damon treats katherine after in a bad way( dats gud) i think he must stay clean for elena to fall in love wit him well i personally think she already is, luka dead ( dats terrifying) jonas dead ( dats gud) and the whole elijah/klaus script fingy is confusin. When wud klaus come? will elena die? oh well she’s the star i dont fink she will, and alaric and jenna are 1 of the bestest couples eva! bt the promo for”know thy enemies” i cant wait 2 c it. y did isobel come back and y duz she like katherine so much n not even her look-a-like(doppelganger) daughter. i dont want nothing to happen to jenna. And wat plan duz katherine and isobel have. i also wish damon and elena open up to each oda about their feelings in this episode lol i jus love seein them 2getha anyway.. ltrrrr

  • Maja Salvatore

    nope..Klaus will be in episode 19 for the first time :)

  • Sorin_andrei63

    yes, i forgot :(..on April 21..

  • Aleta996

    The episode “The House Guest” was amazing:x…i saw the promo for the episode “Know Thy Enemy” and it’s such a good video =p~…but i can’t wait until april 7th for see it :|…it’s to much :-s…anyway … i just love the serial “The Vampire Diaries” …:)))..i don’t have words to describe it :)…about the actors :-j…are really good :x…i like Elena and Stefan, how they sit togheter :d…Stefan is so hot =p~…and beautiful and cute :x..Elena is beautiful and a great actrees<3..and Damon is beautiful too :x .
    I love them :x…and i love the serial :x :d :))) .


    I hope Elena and Damon get together!!!!! <33 TEAM DELENA!


    I hope Elena and Damon get together!!!!! <33 TEAM DELENA!

  • blablaa

    iz there a longer promo to the upcoming episode..cuz likee..itz soo shortt blehhhhhhhh =(
    ps damon <3

  • Sanshane2010

    i hope elena end damon being to gether ahh i love damon his carectere is aming i cry en episode 8 when hi tell elene that he love her i love the bed guy with pur heart this epsode is so good but i can’t wait to april it ‘s a long time the promo was so short hhh

  • Zareen Tasnim

    how do u know?

  • JohnMike

    Awesome Episode, no need for me to recap anything. but seems like everyoe missed what happened to bon bon. Inaddition to getting her powers she was given wisdom of how do kill Klaus =)

  • Mel J

    when do you think Elena will turn or become a vampire???

  • Pereranishini

    i lk if Damon n Elena fall in lv each othr….plz cnt thy b lk dat???/cnt wait until 7th….y r thy gattng tm to releas episods???/plz b ti gethr damon n elena…lv it soooooooooo much….damon z sooo cute

  • Pereranishini

    yeah…i lv them both togethr….dats vary imotional moment…arn’t it???damon bcm very senstv…

  • Gloriadan

    i thing that katrin and Izabel something plotting against Elena. I don’t believe that she is back than to see her dauther. and this fun, alaric said jenna that izabel died and suddenly she come in her house

  • Aminat

    lol i really love elena been with damon


    elena and stafan they are so cute together i want elena to stay with him and damon being in love with her in the shadows and if he does anything to mess that up i will hate the show. and i think katherine and isabelle are planning something to detroy elena because isabelle does not want elena with stafan and katherine des not want stafan with elena so really why is katherine working with isabelle if they just want to detroy the people they care about thats weird oya and jenna and alaric should work thins out. and jaremy and bonnie make a good couple. I LOVE VAMPIRE DIARIES <3<3<3<3

  • Emma x

    I luv luv luv the vampire diaries !!! i was wonderin does anyone no when its back on in england cos april 7th is a thursday and in england the episodes are on tuesday. Thanx

  • xx-Sanne

    this is not fairXD why do we have to wait so lang!! its also not fair that we still don’t have it on our countrey i live in holland, and no one know’s when the first episode of season 2 starts:(:(
    also is my english
    verry bad!! so half of an episode i can’t understand,, that’s verry stupid!!!!

  • Fagin_

    Am i the only1 who’s woundering what happend 2 tyler and when he’s coming back into the series?

  • tvTrends

    I am so excited to watch The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 17 So love it. Yeah