Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 12 “The Descent” Official Guide

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January 7, 2011

The CW has released the official synopsis for “The Vampire Diaries” return episode, “The Descent”. The holiday hiatus ends January 27th with what’s sure to be an amazing episode.

DOOM, GLOOM AND PERSONAL GROWTH — Stefan has his own ideas about Elena’s new plan for the future. While Damon tries to get the truth out of Jules , he asks Elena to keep an eye on Rose, a situation that turns unexpectedly dangerous. Caroline and Matt try to be honest about their feelings for one another, and Tyler’s reaction to Caroline’s generosity comes as a surprise to her. Damon struggles to hide his true feelings when a life-and-death crisis hits him harder than he expected. Matt Davis also stars.

  • naomi

    What does it mean about Damon’s true feelings? Please don’t tell me he realizes he loves Rose…that would seriously break my Delena heart. Maybe if he loves her as a friend, but love her the other way? NOOO. :(

  • Betty_loves_christopher010908

    Damon prolly does realize he loves Rose, but shes going to die I think anyways so Damon and Elena better happen :)

  • Sutton92651

    No Damon and Elena, it aint going to happen. Stefan belongs with Elena.

  • miss_salvatore_D

    ewww no way !!!!
    delena all the way …
    stefan an caroline should be together or him an the cow bonnie

  • <3 STEFAN+DAMON <3

    no it should be elena and stefan, caroline and tyler, bonnie and jeremy and damon and rose :) x

  • <3 STEFAN+DAMON <3

    elena and stefan, caroline and tyler, bonnie and jeremy and damon and rose :) xxx
    I LOVE STEFAN & DAMON <3 <3 <3 XXX

  • TVD

    I think him and caroline would be cute lol when he says in one episode, you remind me of my best friend lexi, i was like awww

    nd cow bonnie can risk having jeremy whos gf always seem to die for summ reason :S

  • Skylar

    Damon probably realizes he actually has true feelings for Rose. (: It’ll be nice seeing his walls come down for some one besides Elena.

  • mariam

    i love all he couples aid except bonnie and jeremy cause bonie should be with luca and anna should somehow come bak from the dead for jeremy

  • damonloveer

    i totally agrree with you mariam

  • Stefanlover<3