Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 10 “Sacrifice” Spoiler Elena Gets One Step Closer To The ‘Originals’

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November 5, 2010

We’ve already spoiled that more doppelganger hijinks would hit TVD soon, but with Elena impersonating Katherine this time. Well, now we know when. According to our source, in episode 10 entitled “Sacrifice”, Elena and Rose fortuitously come across an opportunity to get one step closer to the ‘Originals’. While doing a believable impersonation of Katherine, Elena gains the info she needs about a certain Adrienne. But in true TVD style plans go south quick and someone ends up with their heart ripped out, literally.

What we know.

  • Our plot thickens with pages from the book series, naming Klaus as our big bad.
  • Elena is a Petrova Doppelganger and she must be sacrificed to break the sun and moon curse, presumably so that these ‘Originals’ can reek some serious evil havoc.
  • From the dialogue of “Rose” we can gather that there are several of these ‘Originals’ running around, and thanks to Elijah, we now know that you can’t kill them the conventional way.
  • In next weeks episode, “Katerina”, we’ll learn more about the Petrova History and Katherine will broach the subject of Elena turning into a vampire.

Is Adrienne an ‘Original’, or is he just working for one? What your take on this new spoilery info?

Source: Spoilers Guide

Photo Credit: Vampire Diaries Web
  • charleyy


  • A.

    That Adrienne is a female vampire, unless it’s Adrian

  • Katiekayepfahler

    Well, like incorporating Klaus into the show, maybe the only way to kill the “Originals” is to kill them the way Klaus had to be killed in the books. They could only stake him with stakes of white ash (at least I think that was the tree).

  • Ashrob5

    I am pretty sure that’s a guy

  • Jessie bains

    I’m so sike to see “sacrifice” but the epsidoe after that airs on the 2nd of December which is very terrible and annoying but o well~

  • Nikkie Ogle

    i want to know who is going to be sacrificed i hope its not elena we need to get rid of kathrin, so that elena can become her own vampire one day coz lets faxce itshe is gonna turn at somme point its a big part of the storythere not doing a lot of by the book but some parts you need to keep

  • tegannn babyy

    i love vampire diarys

  • marissa<3damon

    i love damon and hes so sweet to leave elena to stefanevev tough he loves her

    im so excited to see ep.10 hope its real good

  • hotties

    i love stefan and damon there so good looking

  • iluveu

    heres a great site for updates on vampire diaries and other tv series

  • K_bella

    When does episode 10, 11, etc, air in Australia? Do i really have to wait for channel GO! to air Vampire Diaries again in May???
    i really hope not!

    In addition, are they taking a break between episode 9 and 10, if so how long is the break, and will i still be able to download the episodes of itunes regardless of weather or not they have aired in Australia or not?

    HELP ME!

  • AnkePanke_

    I’m pregnaant and when it’s a girl i’m gonna call her elena and when it’s a boy, i’m gonna call him damon :D i love the vampire diaries so much !!!!

  • Megan200

    I have a little girl called Elena she is two

  • erik

    watch here for the full free episodes– –
    watch here for the full free episodes—