Season 2 Episode 10 The Sacrifice

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 10, 12 and 16 Loads Of Casting Spoilers!

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 10, 12 and 16 Loads Of Casting Spoilers!

We have some very spoilery information to pass along to our Vampire Diaries' fans. According to a few casting sides, here's a juicy list of new characters that may be coming to Mystic Falls. Special thanks to Ivana for the heads up :).

Episode 10: The Sacrifice

* Alice: pretty college master’s student, with a slight German accent. Comes home to find Rose in her apartment. Once Alice sees Elena she mistakes her for Katherine. Elena uses this to her advantage, asking how to find a vampire named Adrienne. Alice knows Katherine by reputation and does what she is told, knowing what “Katherine” is capable of.
* Adrienne: bookish, dangerous looking vampire. Feared greatly by other vampires.
* Cody: vampire in his 30s. Tries to take Elena? from James and Rose. Once telling Adrienne the information he knows, he is killed by her (she rips his heart out)

Episode 12:

* Jessica: 22 year old girl. Driving along road when she almost hits a guy laying in the road. She runs out to make sure he’s okay, she’s scared and can’t see his face. After Guy pulls a bottle out, she comes to the conclusion that he’s drunk. She gets smart and starts to return to her car. Guy vamps out and compels her not to move. He then starts talking outloud to himself, wondering if he should kill her or not. She pleads with him not to. He says, “I have to”, and rips into her throat.

Episode 16?:

* Amy: sexy, late 20s fangbanger vampire groupie comes home to her apartment to find Klaus on her sofa. Dated/slept with Klaus in the past. Klaus tells her the reason he’s there is because she’s been talking about him. Amy tries to deny it, but Klaus says that he saw her at the bar earlier in the night, talking to Damon Salvatore about him. He advances towards her, she backs away, pleading for her life. He bites into her neck, killing her.
* Klaus: Klaus goes to Mystic Grill and sits down next to Alaric. He asks for a favor, and tells Alaric who he is. Alaric says that he can’t be compelled. Klaus tells him that he’s right, vervain affects Originals. He then tells Alaric about meeting a cute, blonde woman that afternoon. She was studying for her masters in Psychology. Her name was Jenna. Alaric moves to get up but Klaus stops him, saying he hasn’t done anything to her yet…except tear a few chunks out of her neck and put her in the trunk of his car where she’s currently bleeding to death. Then, he says: “So about that favor.”

Note: Casting Sides are unreliable and the information is sugject to change.
Source: The Vamp Bar and Grill