Vampire Diaries: Aunt Jenna & Alaric~Not All Sunshine And Rainbows?

Vampire Diaries: Aunt Jenna & Alaric~Not All Sunshine And Rainbows?

I think all "Vampire Diaries" fans can agree that they LOVE Elena's Aunt Jenna~Sara Canning and her bow Alaric~Matthew Davis, the Vampire-slaying History Teacher. Hollywood Crush spoke with Sara in anticipation of season 2's premiere (only 2 more days!), and they asked about the pairs' future. Here's the first part of the interview.


Unfortunately, Sara is almost as in the dark about the couple's destiny as we are, even though they have shot scenes together for the upcoming season. "I think the audience and Matt and I have been waiting to see what is going to happen with them because it's been so stop and start," she said. "It's been really kind of a cool development for Jenna because we see her meeting this new guy and recognizing that he could be really good for her. But she's given up old habits and she's not going to chase him down."

Vague, yes, but Sara has heard a few rumors around set and said it probably won't be smooth sailing for her and Matt's characters. "I don't think it's going to remain all sunshine and rainbows," she hinted. "I haven't gotten the exact storyline, and I think things could change, but there's so much conflict anyway. I think the fact that Alaric is dating Jenna, and knowing that her niece is dating a vampire and being in an alliance with these vampires—I think that alone will cause some pretty major conflicts. I think we'll see some happy times and see how things progress from there."

While highs and lows are likely in the forecast for Jenna and Alaric, Sara believes Alaric is a good match for Jenna. "I think Alaric is so different from a lot of the guys she's dated. He definitely has a bad-boy streak...but he actually really cares about people," she said. "He's lost a wife, and Jenna just went through a major loss herself. She's lost a major part of her family, and now she's trying to fill that space for Elena and Jeremy. I think she just realizes that he has that life experience. She can look at him and say, he's going to be a good dad one day. He's that kind of guy."

Check back later for the second part of the interview with Sara in which Hollywood Crush talks to her about how Aunt Jenna manages to never get wind of all the supernatural shenanigans going on in Mystic Falls.

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Source: Hollywood Crush