The Vampire Diaries Recap "The Rager": Change, A Greater Evil And The Five

The Vampire Diaries Recap "The Rager": Change, A Greater Evil And The Five

The Vampire Diaries delivered another amazing episode tonight with "The Rager". Elena has a lot of adjusting to do, especially now that she's back at school. Last week focused on controlling her grief, but Elena has always been one to suppress her emotions for the sake of others. Now that her emotions are heightened, those feelings aren't as easily pushed aside. This week's installment focuses on the power of rage and thanks to Rebekah's goading, it's on the forefront for Elena. As if that wasn't enough to contend with, Conner is proving to be a major threat for all our players.

Don't Bother, It's A Paralytic

Deputy Smith, we'll call him, is guarding an already healed Tyler at the hospital. Enter Conner, Vampire Hunter extraordinaire, who takes Deputy Smith out with ease. Tyler of course hears the commotion and preps for the imminent attach, but Conner has learned his lesson. He may not know exactly what Tyler is, but he knows enough to inject him with a paralytic to incapacitate him long enough to jack his werewolf venom! Conner is a fast study, realizing that the monsters of Mystic Falls aren't as easily killed as most, so he ups his game by getting some absolute vampire poison.

It's Weird Doing This In Our Old Make-out Spot

Poor Elena can't seem to keep anything down except blood from the vein. So to pay it forward, Matt has offered to be her 'human blood bag'. It is the least he can do, right?! Clearly Elena is still having some control issues, so she pulls away before she can't, bandaging Matt up with a sincere thank you. I see some foreshadowing here, don't you?!

The First Time Back In Alaric's Classroom

Just as Elena is about to 'ball her eyes out', resident mean girl Rebekah enters to turn that frown into pure rage. Rebekah is fresh out of friends, family and allies; She is desperate to feel better, but after 100's of years of dysfunction she goes about it all wrong. You can't blame Elena for having a serious problem with the Original sister, and of course the two have an immediate discord. Elena's new found rage ensues and is propelled by the presence of Conner, who has a serious interest in Jeremy. However it doesn't stop there, Rebekah continues her bullying by sending in Heather, a.k.a. snack girl, to tempt and torture an already hungry Elena. Later, in a complete about face, Rebekah invites Matt to her party and attempts to explain her actions and smooth things over with him. Matt's not having it and after literally getting pushed against a wall by Conner for vampire info, he exposes Rebekah as a 'blood sucker'.

The Hunter's Mark

Here we get a taste of the major reveal about Jeremy's legacy and possible future. He can see Conner's invisible ink because he is a potential vampire hunter. Conner, still unaware of Elena's state, tries to convince Jeremy to let him train him. Jeremy plays a little dumb, but with some interest in Conner's proposition. Meanwhile, Damon investigates Conner's woodsy abode for clues and steps right into a well placed booby trap. Fortunately, Meredith is a short phone call away and is happy to help with some minor surgery while discussing the 'greater evil' that is coming, as if they need more evil in Mystic Falls. Meredith, in all her awesomeness, also takes this opportunity to tell Damon that he is in fact a good brother. Love that girl!

The Least You Can Do Is Pour Me Some Fancy, Rich People Scotch

I have been waiting for this moment since The Vampire Diaries revealed the casting of Phoebe Tonkin as Tyler's werewolf bud, Hayley. I love, love, love her and can't wait to see more of her on TVD. So, Tyler not only lied to Hayley about his life, but purposely forgot to tell Caroline anything about the hottie that helped him break his sire bond to Klaus. When Caroline goes in search of her hybrid beau, she's stonewalled at the door. Klaus takes this opportunity to feel out Hayley and eavesdrop on Tyler's unsettling chat with Caroline. Suspicions of infidelity arise when an interesting conversation occurs later between Klaus and Tyler implying that Tyler possibly cheated on Caroline while away in the Appalachia's! That would certainly open the door for a little Klaroline action, wouldn't it?!

If You Want To Kill Her I'm Not Going To Stop You

Rebekah ceases the chance to provoke Elena at her anti-curfew bash by stealing her daylight ring and tossing it in the disposal. Elena's rage never really simmered down and with the White Oak stake she got from Damon, she has full intention on ending Rebekah's torment once and for all. Stefan of course is the voice of reason and talks her down with a promise of a fun motorcycle ride. It works, but not before Elena has a final word by way of a stunning keg stand, leaving Bex ummm, woozy. Something tells me the beer might be spiked!

You Got A Vampire For Me

Jeremy, with the help of Damon, Klaus and Meredith, has come up with a well planned trap for Conner. Jeremy gives Conner some compelling, but semi-false info about Meredith using vampire blood to heal people in exchange for a good feed. Conner takes the bait, preaching about infestation and having Rebekah's party 'covered'; more foreshadowing here. Arriving at the hospital later, our group executes the perfect ambush on 'Mr. Busy Body Guy' with some priceless banter between Damon and Klaus. Conner delivers a vague threat of others that will follow, but refuses to elaborate on the 'greater evil' that Pastor Young wrote about. Klaus is all about the torture and death, until Damon mentions Conner's disappearing tattoo. As Klaus nabs one of Conner's custom stakes, he see's the hunters mark and a connection in made; Conner is not just any vampire hunter, he's one of "The Five". With that Conner pulls the arrow and the storage closet explodes. Following the explosion, I love the interaction between Meredith and Damon, where she sees past his wall and pushes him to fix things with Stefan and Elena before his pride leaves him all alone. Her friendship and genuine concern may be exactly what a grieving Damon needs after loosing Alaric. Taking an unexpected turn, it's later revealed that Klaus pulled Conner to safety stating he was worth more alive than dead. Even if Conner doesn't know his own history, Klaus most certainly does and intends on using that information somehow.


By now it has become very evident that the beer at Rebekah's party was spiked with Tyler's werewolf venom. Poisoned, Rebekah is feeling the guilt and regret of years of poor judgement. Her Matt hallucination reminds her that she has had multiple lifetimes to grow and become a better person. Her inner demons, in the form of Matt, reveal the hurtful truth that she has thrown everything away and is now alone and without love. Elena, also feeling the affects of the venom, hallucinates she's with Damon, instead of Stefan. Elena's Damon hallucination reveals that there is a part of Elena that now knows she is more like him than Stefan.

If My Dad Could See Me Now

April is instantly likable, with an innocence that's refreshing. She is blissfully clueless about the monsters she lives among in her hometown, but feels like something isn't quite right; Ya think?! April sticks around to help Rebekah clean up after her party gets busted. She confides to Bex about her grief and the family she no longer has. I'm sure Rebekah feels a certain kinship to April because of their similar, shared losses. Rebekah shows real concern here when she offers to look into the explosion. It's a touching moment between the two, exposing a little raw humanity for Rebekah and leaving a slight glimmer of hope in April.


Elena is changing and it's not only hard for her, but for Stefan as well. Stefan confides in Caroline that he doesn't want to hold her back because he can't resist his urges. I'm reminded of his friendship with Lexi as Stefan asks for Caroline's help. Caroline eases Stefan's mind by reminding him that he is the reason she made it through her transition and that she will always be there for both of them. Meanwhile, over at the Gilbert house Matt has stopped by to deliver a light snack to Elena. With Elena's rage still underlying she looses control while feeding, so much so that Damon has to step in before she goes too far. In this moment Damon realizes that Elena does need him, more than I think even he knew.

What is this 'Greater Evil' headed for Mystic Falls?
Did Tyler cheat on Caroline and will this open a legitimate door for a possible Caroline and Klaus coupling?
Who are "The Five" and why is Klaus keeping Conner alive?
What did Klaus mean when he said Elena may be of use to him after-all?
Will Stefan pull away from Elena as she comes into her own?
Will Damon become harder for Elena to resist now that she is evolving?

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