The Vampire Diaries "Pictures Of You" Spoilers: Major Prom Teases For Thursday Night's Big Event

The Vampire Diaries "Pictures Of You" Spoilers: Major Prom Teases For Thursday Night's Big Event

It is safe to say that the CW and The Vampire Diaries writers have been keeping most of the details about tomorrow night's episode under wraps. "Pictures Of You" marks maybe the most highly anticipated events Mystic Falls has ever held, our gang's senior prom. I have compiled a spoilery list of teases and tid-bits about what we can spoil, including Bonnie, Caroline, Matt, Stelena and Delena dish!! This dance will prove to be slightly different from past Mystic Falls dance episodes. The shadow of Jeremy's death is brought back into the light with this year's prom theme, "Pictures Of You". Our backdrop will feature seemingly uplifting photos of our characters in happier times that will be projected all over the ballroom, including some amazing, never-before-seen cast pics. However, the sentiment ends up striking a tragic cord.

Elena doesn't have an official date, but the Salvatore's not there just as her babysitters. Stefan and Damon are determined to convince her to flip her humanity switch back on -- and they've got Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C ready to put into action.

Elena and Stefan do share an incredibly heated dance, but it’s his intentions you should be asking about. As for Delena, let’s just say Damon’s doubts about Elena’s feelings for him prove to be a sore spot.

Someone uses the word "boyfriend." But don't get too excited! Of all the high school dances he's inappropriately attended, we're pretty sure this one will go down in history as Damon's least favorite.


Bonnie gets a dance. In fact, Bonnie is pretty freaking spectacular in this episode. Kat Graham gives a standout performance as Bonnie rides a roller coaster of grief, anger, and power.

Matt is Bonnie and Caroline's doting date, but they're all strictly in the friend zone.

I can say that Matt's opinion of Rebekah does change in this episode. Since she can't use any of her vampire "perks" -- speed, hearing, compulsion, strength, etc -- she's in a whole new position.

Just one innocent Mystic Falls teen will die. However, a lot of not-so-innocent teenage supernatural creatures get injured in this one, though. Silas is on the prowl, and he's wearing every body in town. That leaves most of our faves vulnerable.


We will find out who wins the prom king and queen. We'll also see Elena do some, uh, "campaigning" for Rebekah, her new roommate and only friend.

Caroline and Stefan do share a dance... and she suggests that maybe he'll meet someone who will help him move on from Elena.

Although Caroline’s dance card is pretty full in the episode, she doesn’t hit the floor with Klaus. That’s the bad news. The good news is that, prior to the big event, those crazy kids do share a nice moment — during which Klaus actually proves to be a friend!

Our girl Katherine certainly makes her voice heard.

Source: TV Line, Zap2it