Paul Wesley Says Stefan Is Gone

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October 25, 2011

Paul Wesley spoiled to EOnline about Stefan’s new attitude since Klaus~Joseph Morgan ‘fixed’ him. He promises that even though we’ll see glimpses of compassion and empathy from him, Stefan is truly ‘gone’.

“At this point he’s[Klaus] kind of like an ally,” Paul Wesley tells us. “He’s no longer forcing me to do anything. I’ve given up control and I’m okay with doing what he wants. I have no problem with it and I enjoy it. He just entirely does not have any empathy.” Further elaborating, “He’s a sociopath. He has no conscience, [and] it’s going to get as bad as you can imagine. Right now he’s gone. He’s gone.”

  • Patricia

    this is the best news i’ve heard all day :D

  • Clau Gonzalez

    aaaawww yeah! i really nead Delena moments, and this news are going to be my hope to see it soon. Thursday, I’m waiting u!!

  • Katerina

    he’ll be back!!!!

  • Chanel

    As long as he comes back before the end of the season I will be happy. Stefan should become a vampire hunter like Mikael, maybe that will help him control homself. Just bring the old Stefan back!!! Plzzz!!!

  • Nio

    No i love this Stefan! much more personality :)

  • Anonymous

    This depresses the hell out of me. Please don’t drag it out all season. It’s great to see Paul get to do something different, but I miss the Stefan I fell in love with. I hate that they are making Damon look like the cute cuddly teddy bear type.

  • Anonymous

    I love both stefan’s, but i wont the old one back:( him and elena are perfect for eachother, and this is just distancing them more…xo

  • Delena

  • Ela

    If I broke up with my boyfriend, I would love to see every member of his family as far from me as possible. Flirting with boyfriend´s brother is just sick. I don´t understand how could anybody enjoy even watching this. Just let the vampires go and finish this series before it becomes too ridiculous.

  • Ela

    I´m 100% positive.



  • Jane

    But Elena need Damon to bring Stefan back.And there is a good relationship between Elena and Damon.They  need each other,just like family members.

  • Stiraffe

    I hate the idea of Damon and Elena and I feel like everyone is cheering for it. Stefan and Elena are meant to be together, I hope Stefan comes back before Damon and Elena get any closer. I hate the thought of them together.

  • Stiraffe

    I agree I like evil Stefan but I want the good one back before Damon and Elena get together. I don’t like how Elena seems to be in love with both Damon has killed people recently, Stefan was forced into it. I wish Elena would remember that.

  • Bojana

    I totally agree. Stefan, even when he’s evil, didn’t kill any of her family members what Demon actually did. He killed Jeremy, but luckily he had a ring. But if he didn’t have it, he would be dead. I think that Elena should remember that. Stefan is protecting her even if he is not himself right now. That’s the difference between him and Demon. I mean it’s ok to hook up atmosphere a bit with Delena moments but if this is going to end up with Demon and Elena getting together, I prefer stop watching the show. 

  • Bojana

    Agree. It’s really sick to watch that. I mean even if she realize that she actually feels something for Demon, she should have a pride and dignity. So the best thing she should do is to let it go and respect the moments she’s spent with Stefan. Hooking up with Demon just destroys her character. Sorry for the Delenas fans, but in the show is not important who is prettier but who match with who. Demon and Elena definitely are so different and far away from match. Stefan could also kiss Catherine or hook up with her when she came back but he didn’t. That shows Stefan’s character. Demon would definitely fail that test.

  • Bojana

    I hate that thought too. At least one show should have happy end. And not like Prison Brake or Lost when the end was not actually the happy one. I wouldn’t like that Demon and Elena get together in the end. People would start to doubt in her love towards Stefan in general. What kind of person you should be to do such a thing, and get together with his brother. As I said Stefan had two opportunities to do the same (with Catherine and Rebecca) but he didn’t and that’s why I vote for Stefan and hope that he would survive in the end.

  • Ela

    Exactly. Anyway, I can not help feeling that Stefan just pretends that Klaus compelled him. I think his love for Elena is stronger than Klaus’s power over him. His eyes react strange at that moment, at first the veins under his eyes strongly sharpened, but then began to recede. And I think the important point was that we actually haven´t seen him hurting Elena ´cause the scene was cut. I hope the explanation is still part of a possible future twist. The whole plot is about vampires – Elena´s love for Stefan should be eternal otherwise she doesn´t deserve it and she should rather go fishing for mortals to MF football team.

  • Bojana

    We share the thought. I also had that impression when Stefan caught her when she was falling down. I start reading the book and I have to admit I was quite disappointed. But luckily they changed some things in the show so the show is more interesting for me. I totally agree that love between Stefan and Elena it should be eternal but according to the book she loved kind of both of them and when I realized that I stopped reading the book and hope that they will change that fact in the show. Author definitely destroyed her character making that triangle. For me it’s not normal that someone love 2 persons in the same time. So if her love is not eternal then it’s better that Stefan hit on Bonnie because she seems faithful. When I see those Delena scenes I feel sorry for Stefan. He gave everything for her and she flirting with his brother. It’s a bit bitchy from Elena.

  • Ela

    Agree. I haven´t read the books but I enjoyed the series at the beginning. I liked the strong relationship between Stefan and Elena and I liked the idea of reunion of quarrelled brothers but now I feel like the production team is trying to destroy everything I liked about TVD. It´s great they keep us thrilled by all that action and danger but this love triangel is ridiculous. Damon would die for Stefan but he doesn´t mind to take over his girlfriend, what is this “strong” brotherly love about than?

  • Bojana

    Exactly! Most of us liked the same thing about TVD. And I noticed too that they try to destroy the charm of the show with making that “triangle”. Obviously Damon is doing that for Elena and not because he loves Stefan. Stefan had the same problem before but he didn’t help him, Lexi did. I think that it’s better not to read the books because author did exactly what we were afraid of, destroyed the charm of the story with making that ridiculous triangle. Also  in the books it’s mentioned that Elena has a sister but in the show they didn’t say that at all. So I hope that production will change the story line a bit and follow the story as fans expect.

  • mmm

    People saying stefan was forced and damon killed out of anger 1. You guys are hypocrytes because much like how klaus forced stefen to do his work stefan forced damon to drink blood and become a vampire even though damon wanted to die. 2. Stefan drank the blood from his own father which was dead. 3. Damon wasn’t the bad guy originally sure he did bad things but stefan was the one who started it first stefan even said he was worst then damon.

  • mmm

    So if elena remembers that its stefans fault that damon ended up a monster later on maybe she will feel sorry for damon. Damon is not evil he just misses his humanity although he doesn’t say it much. And yeah I know that damon hurt caroline but at least he didn’t kill her he was just using her as a blood bag mainlly. Plus its katherines fault that made damon so mad that he killed jeremy temporarily. Its like the only people that truly loved damon are bree, rose, and andy. Elena obviously loves damon too I knew she did even before she admitted it. Stefan should go with rebecca they seem like a better couple. Its to bad rose died she seemed the like the best lover damon had besides elena.