Vampire Diaries PaleyFest Spoilers

Vampire Diaries PaleyFest Spoilers

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Damon's going to be even more horrible, Bonnie's going to leave town for a while, and Elena embarks on a search for her birth mother that, since it's Vampire Diaries, can only be described as dangerous. These spoilers are thanks to that wonderful thing known as Paley Fest.

In other news,

Melinda Clarke makes her debut as Matt’s mom and she doesn’t hide her disdain for Matt’s “rebound girl” Caroline. Elsewhere, Damon gets sucked into a bachelor auction with the Real Housewives of Mystic Falls. The showdown between Damon and Alaric reaches a crescendo at the auction as the truth about Damon’s involvement in Isabel’s death comes out. Meanwhile, Alaric and Jenna grow closer, but the whole “your dead wife is the mother of my adopted niece” thing throws a wrench into their budding romance. As Elena grows closer to the truth about her mother, look for flashbacks to shed light on Isabel and Alaric’s ring. Additionally, two mysterious new figures will be introduced and there will be multiple deaths and revivals. We also haven’t seen the last of Anna and her mother Pearl.

Multiple deaths... and revivals? Come on now. What's the point of killing someone if they're just going to come back from the dead? Though when we see who dies... we'll probably be very, very glad they're getting resurrecte

I'm guessing Damon is going to be One who Doles out Death, as apparently he's going to be worse than ever. The show has been softening him up for the past little while, so back to horrific it is:

Paley guests were treated to an advance screening of the episode, which (trust us) takes Damon's cruelty to a whole new level. By the end of the hour, you'll be left wondering how Elena can ever even speak to him again. "Some truths are revealed and the episode ends on a major bang," teases Paul Wesley (Stefan). He's not kidding.

And by bang do you mean... bang?

Finally, and sad to say:

One face was absent from the episode - Katerina Graham, who plays Bonnie Bennett. She'll be off the canvas for three episodes "grieving the death of Grams", explains creator Kevin Williamson. "She goes off to stay with family, but comes back with an attitude." Adds co-executive producer Julie Plec: "Bonnie's been nothing but supportive of Elena's relationship with Stefan up until this point, but given everything that's happened -- the tomb didn't quite get closed and Grams died for nothing, it's going to be difficult for her to be a good friend."

Elena and Bonnie's friendship is something that really holds the show together. They have complete trust in each other: to confide that A) you're a witch (Bonnie to Elena) and B) your boyfriends is a vampire (Elena to Bonnie) is actually a pretty big deal. So Bonnie with an attitude... is going to be interesting. Maybe this will lead to the Damon/Bonnie hookup we've all secretly been wanting. Leave Elena to Stefan...

Your thoughts? Who is gonna die? And the burning question: who is going to win Damon at the bachelor auction?

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