On Set With The Cast Of ‘The Vampire Diaries’

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January 26, 2012

Thanks to @chrisgrismer, I have a few on set photos to share with my TVD family. The Vampire Diaries cast shows off their candid moments in these fabulous shots.

  • Malin Noem

    is that a naked nina dobrev? as maybe in the hot vampire chick damon sleeps with soon? ;o

  • Francisca

    OMG i totally love picture 5 and 9 :)))

  • Nasim

    who’s baby is this?

  • Paula

    Dobrev and Sommerholder´s breed? New cast member?

  • Bonnie

    Joseph Morgan doesn’t look like he’s gotten much sleep lately… :) 

  • Delena!!!

    Idk but its really freaking cute……:P

  • Delena!!!

    IKR! its kinda scary O____O