The Vampire Diaries Officially Renewed For Season 5!!

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February 11, 2013

The CW has just released the official list of early renewals for the 2013/2014 network season. Going into it’s season 5, The Vampire Diaries remains the CW’s highest rated series in target demographics, including adults and women 18-34. TVD also continues to be one of the top performing series, both digitally and socially, recently topping Trendrr’s list as network TV’s #1 social program for the week of January 21st-27th.

Way to go TVD Family!!! Hit the comments below with your thoughts on this amazing news for season 5 ofThe Vampire Diaries.

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  • OMG


  • Delena

    Yes yes yes yes yes yay!!! Delena better be endgame tho ;)

  • ajie

    Im so glad! ^^ i hope the love story of caroline and klaud will be given an emphasis in that season :)

  • DEfamily_Lover

    Aww best news ever!!! Anyone who doesn’t believe Delena Is endgame are just delusional <3

  • nuriko

    it’s a good news but klaroline it’s impossible because the original series come soon ;:(

  • Ryan

    I am a dude and I love TVD. Am I weird? :D (and I am a Delena shipper)

  • michelle

    You’re not weird! You’re awesome! Delena :D

  • Mashii90

    As if the show wasn’t going to get renewed ! ;)

    But I’m kinda sad, not because of the renewal, but because Joseph Morgan will be leaving the show ! TVD just won’t be the same and we didn’t even get to see Klaroline !! :’(

    I want Klaroline !!! <3 (Please ??)

  • Maarya

    Delena Foreva!!

  • Jemma

    If its going be another season of the love triangle and who will Elena pick. I’m out. Just pick one already -_- and STICK to it. I think one of the brothers have to die/leave for the show really to go on if neither one dies/leaves then you know its going to be about the love triangle and its been going on for what nearly 2 seasons now! Pfft tired of it. I love Klaus<3 don't want him to leave :/ but atleast he get his own show:D

  • firah

    no matter how much i like delena but now their love relationship is boring, need something new and hot like klaroline

  • Danielle Jones

    im so glad to have vampire diaries season 5 it so awesome lve them

  • louise

    not at all as long as you ship delena:) my boyfriends also watch it:)

  • mrs sushi

    love the series!

  • Rosa V

    Sooooo, this is awesome news! But when does this season go on netflix? Does anybody know?