Nina Dobrev Wins PCA For Favorite TV Drama Actress!

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January 12, 2012

If you weren’t watching the People’s Choice Award’s last night, you missed an amazing win by The Vampire Diaries very own Nina Dobrev. It’s amazing because the talented actress that plays two roles on the CW’s flagship series, didn’t even make the ballot this year. However, due to the most powerful diligence I’ve ever seen out of a fandom (TVD Family), she was accepted as a write-in. Here’s the more than gracious Nina accepting her award :)

“I wasn’t on the ballot, but you guys wrote and wrote and continued to write in, so many angry things that they caved in and gave me a nomination. And now I won, so, God, thank you! Now I get to take this to Atlanta to my other family, the crew and everyone who makes the show possible. So, thank you, everyone! Thank you to the fans, I love you guys!”

  • A_softsong

    She should have won.   Nina Dobrev is simply the best.

  • Lusi Salvatore ?

    She deserved it :)

  • NINA!

    She really deserved it! I’m so happy for her! :’)
    Can’t imagine how to play two different characters!  :P
    I’m sad that Ian didn’t won though… Or The Vampire Diaries… :(
    But at least Nina won!