Nina Dobrev Reveals New Season Finale Spoilers For 'The Vampire Diaries'

Nina Dobrev Reveals New Season Finale Spoilers For 'The Vampire Diaries'

The Vampire Diaries third season finale is just a few short hours away and I for one, am jumping out of my skin! Nina Dobrev has been spoiling up a frenzy, and with the help of EP Julie Plec, they have prepared a spectacular preview. Dobrev gets us started with the huge twist at the end of "The Departed".

”Especially at the end, there’s a huge twist that even we didn’t expect when we were reading it. And it actually changed. We started shooting the episode, and they changed it before we shot [the ending] to something completely different,” she says. “It’s sad. When I was watching parts of it in ADR the other day, I almost started crying. The people who are loyal fans and live and breathe with the characters are gonna really feel it at the end of this episode.”

Elijah And The Originals

“The whole season up until this point, it’s been the Originals versus the regular vampires and the humans. And now it’s all coming to a head. Somebody — if not multiple people — has to die in order to save others. It’s a war to survive,” Dobrev says. “Elijah represents the Originals and he’s gonna try to make sure none of the Originals die, whereas the humans are trying to make sure the vampires they’ve befriended and grown to love don’t die. So everyone’s just trying to look out for themselves and continue the bloodline.”

Family Flashbacks

“They really show you the relationship they had, and it makes the end of the episode and the whole car accident so much more tragic, and visceral, and sad,” she says. “When you see the backstory, you see how happy they were. You see how much her life has changed, and how so much can change in one second.”

Elena's Decision

“The whole theme of the episode is about time and change, and making decisions and letting go based on the maturity that you gain from experiences good or bad,” Dobrev says.
“As we approach the end of the episode,” Plec says, “we’ll put Elena in that situation where there’s only one brother that she can see in a very important moment, and she needs to decide which one of those brothers it is.”

Source: EW