Nina Dobrev Reveals Heartache and Tragedy Will Close Season 2

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May 4, 2011

The Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev spoiled to the Associated Press about TVD’s tragic and gut-wrenching final two episodes. Dobrev prepares fans for tears and heartache as season 2 ends.

  • D Silva

    I think its going to be Aunt Jenna’s funeral. :( I hope they bring her back in season 3 as a vampire. That would be cool Auntie Vamp!

  • Natasha

    I really think Jenna will die too. It just doesn’t look good for her and I can’t imagine them having a fake funeral. If she’s to come back, she’ll have to blend. Can’t wait for these final two episode though :)! Thanks for posting!

  • Me4472

    yea i think its aunt jenna 2

  • Me4472

    yea i think its aunt jenna 2

  • yomama

    But her last name’s not gilbert

  • A.

    Little details… We don’t know Elena’s adoptive mother’s background. Was Jenna her only sibling? Was their family from Mystic falls? Anyway! If you bear in mind the fact that Elena’s mother probably bore her husband name “GILBERT”, if Jenna’s parents weren’t buried in that cemetery, well, you can bet that Jenna will lie next to her sister whose married name is GILBERT.