The Vampire Diaries Mid-Season Finale Spoilers: Ian Somerhalder Previews Delena’s Struggles In “O, Come All Ye Faithful”

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December 5, 2012

Ian Somerhalder opened up to TV Guide about the most recent Delena developments of Thursday past on The Vampire Diaries. Somerhalder spoils about an angry Stefan, a very happy Damon, sire-bonds and much more!! This week Damon finds out that Elena is actually sired to him, throwing a kink into the new couple’s bliss as Damon and Elena struggle to sort out what feelings are ‘real’, and/or sire bond related.

“Damon’s finally got Elena, and he’s so happy, but he can’t be sure her feelings are real, and not just a result of him having sired her.”

Does Elena want this love to be real as much as Damon does?

Absolutely, To Elena it is real. But, again, is that the sire bond making her think that she loves him? It’s a jagged pill for him to swallow.

Will it be good for the show if Elena and Damon stay together for awhile?

I think it’s good for the story. If Elena is with Damon, the sire bond is always an issue; plus, his brother’s really angry. So, until both of them know if it’s true love, they’ve decided they’re not going to sleep together again. There will be more romance and less sex. Damon wants to do the right thing, but losing Elena is not an option. It’s a tough predicament for him.

Speaking of tough predicaments, Damon had agreed to help search for the vampire cure for Elena. Isn’t he afraid that, if she reverts to being human, he will lose her?

Yes. It raises a tough question. Damon feels guilty that she’s turned, but if she stays a vampire, then she stays in love with him. And that’s all he’s ever wanted. He finally got it, and the sire-bond thing blew up in his face.

Awwww, poor Damon!

I know! The exploration of this relationship and the interaction between Damon and Stefan as a result is all very complicated and very dramatic. This story has been really great in a big way.

Sounds like your having a blast with this storyline.

Absolutely. It’s not the Damon of season 1.

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  • elena parker

    She loves him without the sire bond.

  • louie

    i suddenly hope so:)

  • rita kasparian

    so maybe caroline will pick klaus in the mid season episode 9 i guess the spiolers said that caroline would have to choose between tyler and klaus

  • rita kasparian

    its tyler its in the spoilers it hinted that tyler might not make it in episode 9!

  • katoukid

    Love is too easy to change =.=, to bad!!! oh Stefan!