Michael Trevino And Nina Dobrev Dish About Tonight’s Episode, “The Sun Also Rises”

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May 2, 2011

The Vampire Diaries star Michael Trevino dishes about tonight’s episode, “The Sun Also Rises”. This episode has been described many ways; game changer, tragic, epic and so on. Trevino solidifies these claims and has some spoilery goodies to add on :).

“Oh man! In three words? Sad. Game changer. In my honest opinion, I feel like more happens in tomorrow’s episode than in the finale – and I’m not saying that because I’m not in the finale! Once the fans see the episode, I’d like to see what people’s opinion is about which one was a big game changer – was it episode 21 or episode 22? And in my opinion I think it’s 21.” For Tyler, “It’s definitely a game changer within the relationship of him and Caroline. I’m not in the episode a whole lot, but the two scenes are very important to the journey that Tyler has in the future in Mystic Falls and it has to do with the trio (Tyler, Matt and Caroline). It’s big! it opens up a new door. There’s a new window of opportunity there.” Trevino goes on to say, “Tyler is a little bit too tough right now to go anywhere. He’s a little bit too tough to be sacrificed that easy. I have no doubt that Tyler will be in season three.”

Nina Dobrev chatted it up with Rolling Stone. In the very candid interview the lovely Dobrev talks about all things TVD, including the final two episodes of season 2.

Source: Latina.com, Rolling Stone

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