Kevin Williamson Talks Damon And Elena, Klaus And Season 3

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May 25, 2011

Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries has already been deemed ‘The Year Of The Originals’ by EP Julie Plec. In accordance, the CW has announced that Joseph Morgan~Klaus has been bumped to a series regular! Fellow creator and EP Kevin Williamson had some spoilery scoop to add about the new season of TVD and what it means for Damon, Elena and Stefan. Delena fans will want to pay close attention ;)!

    “Katherine has two true loves. If she’ll really admit it to herself and open herself up to it, she’ll find that she truly loves both Salvatore men. Damon and Stefan are part of her history, creation and the fabric of everything she is.”


  • “I always find myself writing for Damon. I like the snark, the evil and good interplaying inside him; so I have somewhat taken possesion of him.”
  • “In season 3 we will really see things progress between Damon and Elena. We’ll get to watch and see how their friendship or whatever they’re meant to be progresses. It’s going to be interesting and explosive.”
  • “Klaus has Stefan and Klaus’ agenda extends far further than breaking the curse. It’s just going to go on and on.”
  • “New creatures will be introduced, but only when it’s appropiate.”

So, Delena fans, was it worth the wait? I think so!!
Go, Discuss, Now!!!

  • D Silva

    Defanitly worth the wait. I’m so excited for season 3!!!!!!!!!!

  • rosalovesdamon

    i guess its worth the wait,even if it finally happened in a million years it would still be worth the wait,but three seasons is long for us delena fans.. but its finally here,i just can’t wait till the episode in season 3 when they finally have a amazing long kiss,if it ever happens..i’m hoping, we’ve been waiting for a kiss for ages,and they did kiss i guess.. but it wasn’t as exiting as it could have damon/delena(L)

  • Evalina06

    if they could make klaus a regular, they should have been able to do the same with elijah. elijah is even better. there should have been the two originals on opposing sides with elijah being with the mystic falls group vs. klaus/stefan/(katherine?)

  • Evalina06

    and kevin williamson rocks by the way. he is clearly (to me) team damon vs. julie usually coming across as team stefan.

  • Marinasilviagarcia

    Lexi really want to back, it could be a kind of original or relative, you know, but it would be very interesting to her back and saving the darkness again Stefan, Elenabecomes involved with Damon, Stefan with Lexi, but then again the stelena they areactive without a doubt the most beautiful couple in this world - love to see Elena andStefan was reconciled, very beautiful

  • TVDaddict

    ughhhhhh!! i love how u guys are continuesly giving us little spoilers :) and i love delena <3 and i hope that stefan will eventually contact elena and tell her where klaus is keeping elijah's dead body…cuz i think he said "put him with the others" so maybe the rest of the family is there too!! i dont know but maybe somehow they can bring elijah back to life and they can ALL team up and kill klaus. cuz i hate him…we need stefan back </3

  • Natasha

    I’m sure Elijah will be back in season 3 as well. The writers love his character and the actor~Daniel Gillies, so that dagger will eventually come out. I also think the other ‘Original’ family members will awaken as well. Thanks for posting!!

  • Natasha

    Season 3 will be full of fabulously designed twists and turns :). I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us! Thanks for posting!!

  • BTVSamywoo

    didn’t stephan wean himself off getting addicted to blood by drinking elenas? 

  • Miare Italiano

    Cant wait 4 the season 3 to shows , am very excited. although am very annoyed about what happened to stefen :’( and pissed off , but who knows what will happin in s3.

     i guess a lot of surprises we’ll be waitng for us :-D

    love you TVD (The vampier Diaries) and S3 cant wait for u :p

    when it will be released :-/  ???

  • Culens2010

    season 3 will be terrible without jenna

  • mA

    What about Elijah? He was killed with the dagger, so he kan be unkilled. They indeed said put him with the others, but that would imply that there are more than one dagger, or that they were killed in another way.

  • Abc

    Damon + Elena = <333 (finally)
    but i dont want damon to be all boring like stefan was :/

  • Estefic91

    i hate Delena

  • Sarahelene98

    Me 2 !!

  • Shruthi

    I like Delena. They’re interesting, and in my opinion, much more interesting than Stelena. 

  • Ash_coolkat

    Im just DYING to see more of Delina!!

  • Masearte

    Damon and Elena!!!!!