Kevin Williamson Talks Book Pillage, The Originals, Alaric’s Journey And More

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February 12, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Creator and EP Kevin Williamson has had a tremendous season 3 so far, and is locked and loaded for a stupendous season 3 wrap. Williamson spoils about pillaging from the original book series, the ‘Originals’, Alaric’s new and improved storyline and more.

“I don’t want to give too much away, but we’re in addition to following the books to some degree, we keep going back to the books and saying, “What can we pillage? What have we not done yet? What have we not used? How can we take this storyline and manipulate it and change it and turn it around?” This year, we’re diving into the Original family, we’re still playing with the hybrids and so the whole thing with Klaus is going to lead us right up to the climax of the season.”

Kevin also spoiled about the ever growing storyline between Alaric~Matt Davis and Dr. Meredith Fell~ Torrey DeVitto.

“We’re moving into a really good storyline for Alaric and his positioning in the new Council and the town and how he’s going to get involved with the Original family. Alaric actually takes on a huge role as we bring in Meredith [Torrey DeVitto]. She’s one of the characters in the books that we sort of changed who she is, a little bit, but now we’ve got her and she’s a new love interest to take [Alaric’s] mind off Aunt Jenna, and she’s also involved with one of the Founding Family members, so their dynamic is really interesting and so they get into some interesting shenanigans.”

Williamson definitely has a plan for The Vampire Diaries, whether it lasts 6 seasons or moves past those six into infinity.

“We could wrap this thing up in six.” However Williamson also reveals, “We have no problem pacing ourselves. We’ll pace it up if we have to. or we can extend it with no problems, but we know that if we needed an endgame by, say, Season Six, we could land. We could also extend.”

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  • Tessa

    Let’s hope that there will be more than 6 seasons then! 

  • yourMother<333

    Season 1 – Stelena…
    Season 2 – Stelena, Katherine, Elijah!
    Season 3 – Delena(!), Klaus, The Originals!
    Season 4 – Love triangle,The Originals(I hope)
    Season 5 – Elena chooses Stefan(*BITCH), Damon moves on…
    Season 6 – Stefan dies(in a peaceful way), Elena is sad, Damon comforts her,
    they kiss-have sex and live happily ever after, ALSO The Originals live happily ever after! 

                                                                            – I’m done 


  • A_softsong

    I am all for Damon moving on and getting past the doppleganger curse and moving on.  Bonnie would be a great love interest for him.  They could grow together and it would have a lot of excitement being that she is a witch and he is a vampire.  Just a wish/hope.  He does need to get his mojo back and it will be very exciting with Bonnie.  Bonnie can get past her judging and become the most powerful Bennet witch with Damon by her side. It would be a couple made in TVD heaven.

  • Uncle Jackass

    I know it’s wishful thinking, but I hope next season is about Elena turning into a vampire saga. It might even redeem Elena’s character a bit. 

  • Clara

    Stelena FTW !!! <3

  • Ifluvstelena4ever

    Stefan and Elena should be end game.
    Damon should get with Bonnie, I don’t want his character ruined anymore for this stupid triangle.
    Elijah and Katherine should have some hot hate sex and be very bad together.
    And I’m so in love with Klaus and Caroline.

  • F Silva

    I’m sorry, but this is not TWILIGHT! I don’t want to see Elena turn into a vampire and I think she should end up with Damon in the end. ;) Happy Monday!

  • Mashii90


  • Bella

    Delena ENDGAME or no ENDGAME att all ! XD

  • Bella

    Delena ENDGAME or no ENDGAME att all ! XD

  • Misswhatever

    To yourMother<333 – wow what an ending! haha I dont think it'll work like tht haha

  • Uncle Jackass

    Elena turns into a vampire in the books. But the purpose of it in the books is to confront her feelings for Damon. Her instincts are a sired bond to Damon. She admits she loves Damon. Unlike Twilight, Elena chooses a noble death over staying a vampire. She then becomes a ghost and eventually an Angellic guardian of the realm.  

  • Karenina

    Damon really needs to get off the love-triangle-train! This whole thing has turned him into a pitiful controlling fool! I can’t stand it anymore! What were the writers thinking??

  • Bonnie

    AND Caroline lives happily ever after with Klaus :D 

  • yourMother<333

    yeah, that too. ;)

  • yourMother<333

    yeah, that too. ;)