Kayla Ewell’s Season 3 Tantalizing Tidbit’s

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June 30, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Kayla Ewell~Vicki Donovan chatted with Wetpaint about her role in the ever approaching season 3. Ewell spoiled and hinted heavily about plot, the new love rectangle and Matt’s~Zach Roerig larger role in season 3.

“There’s going to be so many twists and turns — even just talking to him about it I had butterflies in my stomach! I was just so excited about the ideas they’ve been tossing around. So we’ll see what they come up with, but I just know that Kevin and Julie will do a fantastic job whatever they decide.”

Kayla reveals trouble is definitely in store for Bonnie and Jeremy’s relationship.

“Instead of a triangle there’s a love rectangle going on right now, and I think with Vicki, wherever she goes she stirs up trouble. I don’t even think she means to, she just does. I think Vicki and Jeremy really do love each other, and I think Jeremy really loves Bonnie too, so there’s bound to be some drama stirred up. There’s room in there for some major catfights, because if you throw in two vampires and a witch there’s bound to be trouble.”

Ewell looks forward to having some unfinished business with brother Matt.

“I’ve heard that Zach is going to have a much bigger storyline this season, which is great, and I do believe that Vicki is big part of it, but I as the actor don’t even know what to expect.”

Read the full interview here.

From the sound of it things will definitely be intense in Mystic Falls.
What do my fellow TVD fans think about the return Vicki?

  • Abc

    i just hope they explain the return of vicki and anna properly. not just some random hallucination junk. that just makes jeremy look desperate.

  • SorrowfulDarkAngel05

    I want Katherine to stay also…she brings so much to the show and they
    should figure out a way to put her and Damon together…Elena and Damon
    will dull out and now Elena will have the chance to be jealous over both
    the guys with vampire girlfriends and she can figure out who she feels
    the most for…and I am so hoping they bring Elijah back on a more
    permanant  basis….also rooting for Tyler and Caroline…Klaus should
    stay as well….

  • SorrowfulDarkAngel05

    I am so happy that they are bringing back Vicki…When I saw her at the end of season 2…I was so happy, she is an awesome vampire.So is Anna and since they are bringing back the dead via Jeremy, I hope they bring Jenna back and Lexi…Its sounds cheesy I know but I hope they do….