Kayla Ewell Teases A New Side To Vicki In Season 3

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August 18, 2011

The Vampire Diaries new ghostly presence, Vicki~Kayla Ewell, dished to Wetpaint about her reprised role. Kayla spoiled about how fans will get to see a new side to Vicki, the loving ‘sister-ghost’ side.

“Vicki is back with a plan and a huge vengeance. One thing I love that the writers are doing right now is they’re exploring the relationship between Matt~Zach Roering and Vicki. Vicki has left and no one really knows what’s happened to her. No one knows what she’s been through and so now there’s really so much drama — you know, the childhood memories and all that kind of thing. They asked Zach and I if we had any photos of when we were little, like Christmastime and stuff like that, and they’re going to use those pictures of us. My little brother looks exactly like Zach and they’re going to take all the childhood photos of my actual brother and they’re going to stick them in the show as my fake brother.” Ewell goes on to tease, “We’ve really seen Vicki as this girlfriend to Jeremy~Steven R. McQueen and now we’re also going to get to see Vicki as a sister — or a sister ghost? That’s something they have not told us: Is she an angel or a ghost or what the heck is going on? We’re constantly surprised by how much they’re writing for us. They put so much in one episode it’s unbelievable. It’ll be great.”

  • Vampire_Diaries- fan ;)

    Never realli liked Vicki’s character…. I realli LUV Jeremy <3 and Bonnie <3 

    Jeronnie all the way <3 

  • camelot.

    you’re a fat ugly hairy ballsack. jeremy and bonnie have no chemistry and their character was replaced for the convenience of the story line. they need to break up now to better the entire show, because their shitty-ass “romantic moments” are dragging the whole thing down. probably the biggest mistake the writers have ever made, next to temporarily taking tyler away from the show.