Kayla Ewell On Vicki's Shocking Entrance On 'The Vampire Diaries'

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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 finale had a few OMG moments, but no one was prepared when Kayla Ewell~Vicki Donovan strut back into the Gilbert house to have a visit with ex Jeremy~Steven R. McQueen. Kayla dished to TV Line about her stunning appearance.

“I was just as shocked as all of the viewers were,” Kayla reveals about Vicki's shocking appearance in the Season 2 finale. “It actually wasn’t much notice at all. The funny story is that I got the call about it on April Fool’s Day, so when my agents and manager called me, I was just waiting for them to tell me they were kidding,” she says. “I was thinking that it was the cruelest joke anyone had ever played on me. But it ended up being real and was the coolest thing to ever happen. I love the character Vicki so much, I would hope they’d want me back, and I'd do it in a second.” Ewell gushes. “But that’s what makes the show so great, we never know what’s going to happen.”

Personally, Ewell's character, Vicki, was always a fav of mine and I was sad to she her leave TVD.
What do my fellow fans think about Vicki being part of the Season 3 mix?