Kayla Ewell And Malese Jow Promise Redemption In Tonight’s, “Ghost World”

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October 27, 2011

Anna and Vicki have made the lives of many Mystic Falls residents slightly more intense and left Vampire Diaries’ fans with loads of questions. Anna~Malese Jow and Vicki~Kayla Ewell spoil about tonight’s episode of “Ghost World”, revealing that a lot will be answered.

Both actresses agree that “Ghost World” will be redeeming for viewers. “It’s all really coming to a head. The question everyone’s been having this whole time — ‘Do they have the capability to come back?’ — we’re getting closer and closer to that answer,” Jow says. Ewell adds: “This one answers pretty much everything.”

“They’ve created this portal to allow Anna and Vicki to come and go,” Ewell says. But will we see Vicki, who was forced to “leave” last week, any time soon? “I’m going back to Atlanta [where Vampire Diaries films] next week,” she says.

Source: TV Guide