Katerina Graham Spoils “Our Town” And A New Degree Of Twists And Turns

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January 7, 2012

Katerina Graham of The Vampire Diaries spoiled to the Insider about the mysterious fourth coffin revealed in Thursday’s Winter premiere, “The New Deal”. Kat promises a truly shocking season of TVD with a new degree of twists and turns.

“I can’t say how long it will be but I can tell you that whatever is in that coffin is extremely important to the future of what’s happening in Mystic Falls – and the show in general. There’s a lot of weight to that reveal.” Kat goes on to tease a shocking reveal, “So shocking. I thought that by season three they wouldn’t be able to shock me anymore, but that has not been the case at all. It’s always said that a third season is the best season, and in our case, that’s so true. This year is so incredibly shocking. It’s a mind f*** and I love it [laughs]. People will not believe what’s coming and the degree of twists and turns with how they interlock the originals with other things and how their relationships with everyone in Mystic Falls is going to play out.”

Kat was also able to spoil some juicy teasers about next week’s big birthday episode for Caroline and where the rest of season 3 is headed.

“It wasn’t Bonnie’s idea! It wasn’t Bonnie’s idea! She’s not that creepy. But I will tell you that it’s a very cool location we’ve never filmed in before and it’s important that people pay attention. You should pay attention to everything on this show because it always circles back into play somehow. What I love next week is the way Caroline was written. Her take on being a vampire is something that hasn’t been explored and I love how [co-creator] Julie Plec chose to explore being a young adult as a vampire and that transition. It’s so genius how she so subtlety did it – there’s so much depth to it.”

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    I don’t care about Bonnie. Just SPOIL some DELENA news, guys!

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    So true

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    I could care LESS about Delena,Stelena or anything Elena. keep the bonnie spoilers coming pls

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    Yay, more Bonnie scenes coming. IT’s about time! This show has a CAST, not a trio.