Katerina Graham Spoils About Major Deaths On ‘The Vampire Diaries’

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April 7, 2011

Death is coming to Mystic Falls and she’s going to claim the lives of three major characters according to Katerina Graham. Who do you think it will be and are the holy trinity, Damon-Elena-Stefan, safe?

“Three huge characters are going to die — solid characters — and it’s going to change the destiny of the show,” Kat Graham~Bonnie dishes.

Source:TV Guide

  • twanz

    jeremy,tyler,alaric,john,isobel,katherine,and elena but she may b a vampire.. kill her n kat she is gone for good a new vampire to replace her.. i wud say maybe bonnie cuz they said she was in danger.. but if she dies it wont be such a shock n vd likes to go for shock effect so.. those 3 ppl.. if jenna dies elena will be 13 so she can look out for the household..and what about that wolf girl she has got to die at some point

  • Kimberleyallan

    3 Characters…. Hmm… The sacrifice requires a vampire, werewolf, witch and the doppelganger (aka Elena) but it doesnt mean that the witch has to die. So that leaves the vampire,werewolf and the doppelganger which together equals 3 :)

  • En07rm

    omg three! i reckon alaric is gone…possibly bonnie, i would say jeremy or jenna but can they really do that to elena after she lost both her parents? ahhh.



  • Mandy :)

    Pleasee not Caroline she’s one of my favorites (:

  • aliseyrhfasf

    awwwwww… i will be soooo sad… unless its john…. if its daman i am going to die…. i love daman…. i think the three people might be bonnie because she has to fight agianst klaus… jeremy because he is going to try to save bonnie and klaus will kill him…. katherine.