Julie Plec Teases Family Adjustments And New Relationships For Season 3

Julie Plec Teases Family Adjustments And New Relationships For Season 3

When Season 3 for The Vampire Diaries, our players will have a lot of adjusting to deal with on a very personal level. EP Julie Plec spoiled to Buzzsugar about what family will mean to our favorite Mystic Falls residents and the season 3 storyline when the series returns September 15th.

"Alaric is going to be struggling with this role that he’s sort of accidentally stepped into at the end of last season, where he sort of decided to spend the night. When we come back for our premiere we’ll see he’s been basically living on the couch for a while, and struggling with suddenly feeling like he doesn’t have enough to offer as a guardian, as a mentor, because he himself is going through a hard time in his life. So will he/won’t he be living there, and what will his relationship with those two be, is part of the story for the first couple episodes."

Plec also revealed that Matt will be focused on his family issues, leaving Caroline and Tyler to freely support each other.

"Well, for Matt it’s not going so well. Poor Matt has hit some hard times in life, and I loved what he said to her [Caroline] at the end of the season, which is, “You know, my life was hard enough without all this stuff, so I think I’m just going to try to live it and keep myself away from the supernatural." But one of the last things we saw at the end of the season, of course, was his sister Vicki making an appearance to Jeremy. So that’s not going to stay just Jeremy’s storyline for very long. I think that Matt having lost his sister, it’s a big deal, so we might get to see that play out a little bit for him. And then, of course, Caroline and Tyler, they have such wonderful chemistry, those two, and the characters have been through so much together. Tyler has been exposed to his core, and she’s been right there, you know, holding his hair back proverbially, and so we’ll see if that friendship lasts and how long it stays just friends. Because it’s kind of inevitable that there’s gonna be some naked action happening there eventually."

Julie also teased a new dynamic between Sheriff Forbes and her vampire Daughter, Caroline.

"Yes absolutely, absolutely. We love ourselves some Sheriff, and we love the idea of this woman who is charged with protecting the town. And as Marguerite MacIntyre will say, completely ineptly and embarrassingly wrong and badly. But, [she] also now has to deal with the fact that the very thing that she was raised to hate is in her daughter. She found a nice level of acceptance for Caroline at the end of the season, and so we’ll get to see the fun mother-daughter dynamic now that Caroline is out in the open and the two of them are living under the same roof. And you know, how do you set those rules? What’s curfew for your vampire daughter?"