Julie Plec Spoils Sage And Damon Deets For TVD’s March Return

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February 16, 2012

Fans can look forward to seeing more of Damon’s past life before he returned to Mystic Falls in season 1. Particularly his time with Sage and how she influenced the Damon we know and love. The Vampire Diaries fabulous EP, Julie Plec is giving fans a spoilery preview for TVD’s March return.

“I haven’t seen [her episode], I’ve only heard that she’s awesome,” Plec says. “Cassidy Freeman’s character is a vampire that we’ll meet in our 16th episode, which is the first episode in March back. The episode is called ’1912′ and it’s timed about 100 years ago… when Damon was still the Damon that walked out the door in a huff of disappointment and piousness when his brother was out of control in 1864. Somewhere between 1864 and the pilot episode Damon became the Damon that we know and love. This episode kind of gives us a little glimpse into that and what this character Sage had to do with it.”

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  • Anonymous

    Ahhh…so this is the one responsible for Damon’s awesomeness…we shall welcome her gladly ;)

  • Maryam_15

    hope they tell about whats gonna happen to alaric and if stelena is gonna happen or not. Which it should.

  • Suprsparx24

    Stelena is on its way back.. Saw episode stills from 3×18 and they were holding hands walking down the streets of mystic falls together!

  • viiiiicky2

    Where did you see those pics? I do want them back but not quite yet. I wanted to see Delena for a while and I wanted to see more of Ripper Stefan: he was fun to watch!

  • Earleanharper

    hope elena and stefan get back together 

  • rk212005

    enough already i want more caroline and klaus thats more important and yes damon is important to i do want to know how he bacame the scary yet funny cute damon and we have to wait as always 21days(joy)

  • rk212005

    21days to go yahoo.

  • rk212005

    btw this show isnt all about elena its about stefan damon klaus caroline tylor bonnie matt rick and the facet that the doctor shot him in episode 15 which was sad btw and i hope klaus forgives caroline shes still just upset about tylor being gone but he will eventually come home and he might find caroline happy to see him with secrets that she wants to tell him about but cant or tylor might just come home to find caroline talking to klaus and geting to know to know him while they are talking in her room……..its possible im just saying