Julie Plec Spoils About ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season Finale

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May 2, 2011

EP Julie Plec spoiled to EW about the last two episodes of The Vampire Diaries. She reveals that the May 5 episode picks up as day turns to night and, with the exception of the very end, takes place entirely on the evening of the full moon when the Sacrifice Ritual can begin. The lose of life will be momentous and Plec goes on to say,

“The loss of life is significant and very, very, very tragic, and the fallout of it is really painful for a lot of characters. The episode is called ‘The Sun Also Rises,’ and it’s really meant to say that our characters, at the end of this very, very long night, need to find some glimmer of hope when morning comes because what they go through is really profoundly life-alteringly horrible for them.”

Plec also spoiled that we will feel the emotional fallout of the events of May 5th during the season finale “As I Lay Dying”. The episode centers around another event, a Gone With The Wind movie night in town’s square where,

“Damon, who is desperately seeking forgiveness from Elena, starts to relive moments from past mistakes made with Katherine back in 1864. As is always true with these events in Mystic Falls, things go horribly awry.”

Julie reminds us there’s a lot going on in the finale, but because so much of it revolves around things we haven’t seen yet, she leaves us with this small hint.

”What we’re doing is telling the audience that when we hit season 3, there’s gonna be a lot of things changing for our characters and in their lives. We’re excited about it because it just shows that the show has directions that it can keep going in and going in and going in, and we’re never gonna get stuck or tired. We’re just gonna keep tellin’ stories.”

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  • Allie

    I’m starting to suspect Damon’s going to die. Considering that the finale episode is sort of Damon-centric, and that everything is revolving around death… it’d seem kind of anticlimatic if he doesn’t.

    Of course he’d return at some point in the 3rd season but in a totally different form or with amnesia or something…

  • Vicky

    Could he return as mortal? I heard that happened in the books…

  • Allie

    Really? I’ve never read the books. That’d really switch it up though

  • Irmalair

    i think also that something will happen to elena :/ maybe he sacrifice himself, for saving her? :(

  • Irmalair

    äääh happen to damon xD sry

  • Pod1990

    it did happen in the book but he also died in the last book protecting bonnie it was so sad. he better not die on the show i would so stop watching he is my fav.

  • Bella

    Wait… this is freaking me out! Damon can’t die, I don’t want him to turn human if he’s ever going to do that on the show YET! Why is he seeking forgiveness???

  • Raluca

    i thought he might die after seeing the spoilers that somebody will die.

    i really hope he’s not. this threesome between him, stefan and elena it’s what the show is…so without him it’s going to be boring.

  • Bella

    There is NO show without him for me, he’s the most interesting character & I want to learn more about his past & his future! he can’t die! I don’t think he will die, that would just be the stupidest thing they could ever do on the show but still,, I have a bad feeling about this!

  • Natasha

    @Everyone This spoiler doesn’t mean that Damon will die, it only means he is going to be seeking forgiveness for something rash he’s done in regards to Elena. He will relive past mistakes he made with Katherine more than likely means he will be retrospectively looking at the mistakes in comparison to his relationship with Elena. IF he does sacrifice himself for Elena in the finale, he will return, miraculously, in season 3 most likely. Look at it this way, that kind of selfless sacrifice will only cement the love triangle of Stefan/Elena/Damon :), and thus drawing Elena closer to Damon.

  • D Silva

    They can’t kill off Damon because the ratings will drop!!!!!

  • D Silva

    Oh, and I’m thinking Stefan right now because that would make room for Delena! Just a thought.

  • Bree

    You’re right. Ian Somerhalder’s definitely an asset to the show, which is why I’m thinking that IF he tragically dies in the finale he will without a doubt return in season 3… in one form or another

  • Bree

    You’re right. Ian Somerhalder’s definitely an asset to the show, which is why I’m thinking that IF he tragically dies in the finale he will without a doubt return in season 3… in one form or another

  • C malainey

    They better not kill off Damon. But than again they could bring him back Human for Elena, but she can never get over boring Stefan



  • Vampirediaires


  • Sjwilson04

    maybe theyll “kill” Elena? turn her into a vamp? :)

  • Katelyncarolexo

    That’s what happens in the books! If I’m right, I don’t know. I haven’t read them in forever. haha

  • Me4472

    NOOOOOOOO DELENA THEY WONT KILL HIM AND THIS DOESNT EXACTLY MEAN THAT THEY R GOING TO KILL SOMEONE THEY COULD JUST THINK THEY R DEAD. but the picttire of him and hes clutching elenas shoulders. wow. it gave me chills just the look on her face and damon looks sad. it was beautiful , i wonder wut happened.

  • Ferryberry29

    Damon is going to dies some time near…im not sure but then he will return. just so you know the books are much different then the show and i have a feeling that klaus is going to end up dead somehow or like idk i just really want elena and damon to hook up

  • Ferryberry29

    Wait what do you mean amnesia?? what happens to damon in the last episode?!

  • Ferryberry29

    I heard he returns as a crow. thats what happens in the book..my friend told me

  • Miss Kay

    If Damon Died, it’d be it. Like When Marissa Died on the OC……. I’d never watch again

  • shey

    that is ridiculous how could u even say. u seriously don’t give a dam about the show and the characters if u want someone so important to this series die. that would end the whole show really how could u be soselfish.

  • shey

    selfish should i say

  • g.Lo

    its elena hus gonna die. :)

  • Jasmin Ahmed

    I don’t think Damon is going to die because Julie Plec said the loss was truly significant and it would be very painful for the other characters. It sounds much like Elena. She’s like the glue of the group. It’s her bestfriends, Bonnie and Caroline, boyfriend Stefan, her brother Jeremy, a close friend and brother to her boyfriend Damon and last but not least her stepfather/maybe-too-bee uncle that is essentially the group. They are all working together to stop her from dying and also they know about the supernatural.

    In the books she dies, becomes a vampire, dies again and come back. I think it’s Elena. She will die and season 3 will start maybe 6 months after the sacrifice how everybody is dealing with Elena not being around like in the books, but she comes back from the dead because of maybe some danger to the town idk. That’s more logical.

  • gossipgirlxoxo

    watch “The Last Day” ( i just finished watching it ) and Damon does something pretty horrible to Elena and later on even he realises how terribly bad he screwed up (I like Damon and even i thought what he did was pretty horrendous) and so when it says “his despretely seeking Elena’s forgiveness” that’s what it’s for. After you watch “The Last Day” it will aaalllll make sense :)

  • apryl

    i read the previews for the last episode and it says stefen suffers a personal loss. so im guessing either elena becomes a vamp or damon dies. i hope neither one but if i had to chose i would say i want elena to become a vamp cuz it just wont be a show with out damon.

  • Laurenosborne

    I’ve read in many different sorces that there will be three deaths by the end of season 2. I think it will be Jenna & Jules for sure because the same websites say that Klaus will break the curse… meaning that Elena dies too, but fakes her death to her family & friends when she becomes a vampire. =Three deaths!
    Also, loads of people dont think damon will die for two reasons. 1. Tyler wasnt fully turned when he bit Damon. 2.Stephan is going to try and find a cure.
    As for season 3, I think it would be good if history was repeating itself but in a different way from what everyone is expecting. In the episode ‘Klaus’ it says that it was the blood of a patrova dopleganger that started the curse and a few websites say that the dopleganger before Katerina was called Charlotte. So maybe, Klaus is like today’s Damon and Elijah is like today’s Stephan – Charlotte is today’s Katerina, and Katerina is today’s Elena (if that makes sense??) -thats the story in my head anyway lol

    Cant wait to find out what really happens :-D

  • miimii

    No offence. . . but I don’t see this show ever being as good without Damon in it. . . I’m not sure I’d even bother to keep watching. After all. . . the whole point of the Vampire Diaries (even the books) is the major love triangle between Stefan, Elena and Damon. Anyhow He does become mortal in the books. . . but it was in like, the end of book six. I think something happening to Elena is alot more likely, as in the books she actually dies twice, once to become a vampire and once for real, then she comes back as a spirit and the she comes back with a body. . .so strange. Anyways, point is I can see something like that happening, but I cant see them writing out either of our three main characters. That would just be stupid, they would lose alot of fans that way. I think we might lose Bonnie or Caroline though, ‘A significant loss’ means some major characters are gonna go. I think aunt Jenna will be one of them, maybe matt or tyler aswel.

    I think I read that Julie Plec said, out of the 20 or so people we know on TVD the death count would fall on to two hands. . . So doesnt that mean that by the end of the series there will be about six deaths? I’m scared to think whos going to die. I cant wait to watch it though x]

  • Estefic91

    I ? Stefan soooo much! He is the best character :D But, Damos is boring and always in the same with him ¬¬

  • eve

    He will became a human ….

  • anonymus

    think about it delena fans damon dies comes back as human and more delena scenes and for some reason he has blood in his system and dies saving elena awsome and he returns to beign a vampire