Joseph Morgan Spoils Dinner Party Deets For “Dangerous Liaisons”

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January 18, 2012

The February 9th episode is still a bit away, but after the fabulous images that I spoiled earlier, who can wait!? Our players are dressed to kill and Klaus’ dinner party will be ‘incredibly charged’ and is sure to have a bloody good conclusion. Here’s a spoilery scoop about “Dangerous Liaisons”!

“There’s always a little bit of violence involved in anything Klaus does — even if it starts as a sit down meal, it’s all going to end in violence,” reveals the host himself, Joseph Morgan. “There will be some things which aren’t strictly within dinner party etiquette. Also, it’s incredibly charged. Imagine having this powerful hybrid hosting a little dinner party. Who will be his guests? And what will the conversation be? And what will he serve for dinner? What will his table etiquette be? It’s a really interesting idea. We’ve seen so much of him in physical confrontation with people, it’s interesting to see a little bit more of his cultured side, his charm and his elegance there at the dinner table.”

Source: TV Line