Joseph Morgan Spoils About Klaus’ Need To Connect On A Human Level

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January 19, 2012

Joseph Morgan of The Vampire Diaries spoiled to Buzzsugar about Klaus’ human side and what a love interest will mean for him. Morgan takes fans in depth behind Klaus’ harsh exterior and into his ever evolving, more humanistic side.

“We’re going to learn more about his past and what would’ve made him so closed-off,” Morgan says. “The one thing he has to learn how to do is trust; he doesn’t have it in him at the moment. Because of the betrayal of his family, his father, and everybody who’s abandoned him he started to build friendships and relationships based on fear and anger instead. If he can learn to trust, then he has a chance at loving again.”

  • Rose

    I love the Klaus-character. Good villains make the show and Morgan is a great actor. Like to see more of his hotness. By the way, I like the interviewer too, she´s cute!

  • niin

    i love “the vampire diaries” so so so much can’t wait to see episode 12 (iaaann love yah)

  • TehTeh B

    I think Klaus can be a lot of times more human than a lot of characters on that show honestly