Joseph Morgan Spoils About His Return In Episode 8, “Ordinary Famliy”

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October 26, 2011

Evil he may be, but Joseph Morgan’s Klaus has become a fan favorite on The Vampire Diaries. We won’t see Klaus until November 3rd, but until then Joseph Morgans spoils about what’s ahead for Klaus.

“Episode eight will really change the game,” Morgan told me of the installment titled “Ordinary People.” “We’ll learn more about the Mikael/Klaus relationship, see where Klaus’ fear springs from and why it’s so justified.” Morgan goes on to reveal, “Deep down he just wants to be loved. Friendship and family have been lacking for him the last 1,000 years.”

Read the full, exclusive interview here.

Who’s like me and beyond excited about episode 8?!?!

  • Patricia

    oh he might as well said “Mikael is Klaus’ father” XD. Glad that’s cleared up! I’m bummed that he won’t be back till the 3rd though, and probably only in flashback :(.

  • Djlucis

    since Klaus is a hybrid, I doubt Mikael is his father, hence the drama… 

  • Sophsk

    klaus’ biological father is dead, elijiah and rebekas father (the original father) killed him when he discovered klaus was not his son, Elijiah told us this in season 2. I think Mikael is the original father and wants klaus dead as he is the result of an affair and a hybrid. I think klaus’ fear of him stems from a few things, including that although he isnt his father klaus grew up thinking and loving him as though he was!

  • the vampire diaires

    I think that in episode 8, Klaus did something that “pissed” Mikael off!
    Maybe they were friends first but then they hated each other…
    Cant wait untill EPISODE EIGHT!!!