Joseph Morgan Promises Humanity, Family Resolve And Hybrid Bonding For Klaus In "Homecoming"

Joseph Morgan Promises Humanity, Family Resolve And Hybrid Bonding For Klaus In "Homecoming"

The Vampire Diaries Joseph Morgan shared some spoilery goodies about tonight's episode, "Homecoming". He dishes about Klaus' humanity, Papa Original Mikael and the unexpected relationship between Klaus and Tyler.

"Turning good and hanging out at the Mystic Grill with the Mystic Falls crowd ... that's not a direction I'm interested in taking." However, Morgan does spoil that his emotions are beginning to show. "More and more they're bringing an element of humanity to my character and allowing people to empathize with him. I hope episode 9 will at least bring some understanding to his motives and some sort of sympathy back my way."

"Mikael is the only person that seems to have caused Klaus any kind of fear. In Episode 8, we learned a lot about the family dynamic and the dysfunction that was always there in that family and the way Klaus felt left out and unloved," Morgan reveals. "We're really going to see some sort of resolve in terms of their relationship. It's the first time we have a confrontation that Klaus hasn't been utterly prepared for."

The always charming Morgan goes on to tease about the evolving bond between Klaus and newest hybrid Tyler~Michael Trevino.

"There's a definitely a teacher-student relationship developing there," Morgan says. "It's bizarre but, Tyler doesn't seem to be worried. Actually, he's quite relieved. I've taken the curse away, his transition is no longer painful, he's not changing at the full moon and he has more to relate to Caroline about. There's definitely a bond developing there and you'll see some more Tyler and Klaus scenes."

Source: TV Guide