Vampire Diaries Recruits James Van Der Beek

Vampire Diaries Recruits James Van Der Beek

But not to act, thank heavens. While Dawson's Creek was beloved by many, The Vampire Diaries has an entirely different tone and direction. That said, apparently...

James Van Der Beek may direct a future episode of The Vampire Diaries, Digital Spy has learned.

The former Dawson's Creek star has entered discussions with Diaries creator Kevin Williamson, who also worked on Dawson's.

Asked if the pair are still in touch, Van Der Beek replied: "Yeah I do talk to him actually - fairly regularly."

He added that Williamson has not approached him for a part on The Vampire Diaries, but confirmed that they have been "talking about maybe going down and directing one of the episodes".

I don't think Williamson will ever approach him for a part on the show... he isn't dark enough. And, his head looks a little bit like an egg (too mean? sorry). Agree? Disagree?

Source: Digital Spy