James Remar Cast as Vampire Diaries' Papa Salvatore

James Remar Cast as Vampire Diaries' Papa Salvatore

Another smoldering Salvatore is set to join the cast of The Vampire Diaries, as Dexter's James Remar takes on the role of Guiseppe Salvatore, father to Damon and Stefan. Remar is best known for playing another father (Dexter's) but he's guest starred in everything from 7th Heaven to Battlestar Galactica to most notably Sex in the City.

Is he the right choice (aka, will he be able to smolder like Stefan and Damon)?

In an interview with William Keck, Remar drops a few spoilers as he details his new role as vamp daddy.

Keck: You seem like a great choice to play Papa Salvatore. How did you get the role?
Remar: I was brought in by Marcos Siega, who has directed several episodes of Dexter and Vampire Diaries. He's now the show runner on Vampire Diaries and thought I'd be right for this role.

Keck: What have they told you about this guy, Giuseppe?
Remar: He's an aristocrat in the 1860's of Italian decent. It's the Civil War Era and it's about how he relates to his boys.

Keck: Is he a vampire himself?
Remar: Not at the outset, no. But one of his boys has been bitten by the girl he loves.

Keck: Is it just the one episode?
Remar: I think it's going to be more than one.

Keck: Are you a vampire fan yourself?
Remar: Sure. I really think Gary Oldman knocked it out of the park as Count Dracula (in 1992's Dracula).

You can read the rest of the interview (about Remar's other projects) here.

Source: Tv Guide Magazine