Is Jeremy Leaving Mystic Falls For His Own Safety?!?!

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January 4, 2012

TV Guide Has another spoiler to wet our appetites for tomorrow’s new episode of The Vampire Diaries, “The New Deal”. Will the ‘new deal’ involve Jeremy leaving Mystic Falls for his own safety, maybe for good?

When Klaus decides to take up residence in Mystic Falls, Elena will learn the hard way just how much danger she’s putting her brother in. “There has to be a big change,” executive producer Julie Plec tells us. “What that is, and what she does, is part of the first episode back.” Let’s just say we might not see Jeremy for a while.”

Source: TV Guide

  • F Silva

    That sounds much better. I rather see Jeremy leave town then to be killed off the show! :)

  • Delena

    I agree.

  • DELENA<3

    Me too.