Inside Alaric's Dark Turn, With A Spoilery Preview Of What's To Come On 'The Vampire Diaries'

Inside Alaric's Dark Turn, With A Spoilery Preview Of What's To Come On 'The Vampire Diaries'

The Vampire Diaries delivered another season's best episode with a huge chunk of mythology revealed with Alaric's~Matt Davis dark, but incredible twist. EP Julie Plec and cast spoiled about what will come of their beloved Vamp hunting History teacher.

"There's a big journey for Alaric." Plec teased, "[It's] a big journey for Elena, Stefan and everybody are going to be at the center of this storyline.""There's something really beautiful about this ring being responsible for a darkness to take hold. He tried to walk out the [Gilbert] house in the first episode of the season and in the second episode. He tried to refuse the ring, but Elena asked him to take it back to be part of her family. Now there's consequence to that."

The always lovely Plec went on to spoil that this revelation will definitely impact Jeremy, who's tucked away in Denver currently.

"Jeremy is now widely unprotected, so Elena, who's a character all about saving and protecting the ones she holds the most dear, now has to deal with her guardian in a difficult place and potentially her brother."

This epic sized development will impact all the characters, but Elena will feel it the most.

Nina Dobrev added that, "Everything that she depended on is now gone."

On the OMG moment of the episode TVD star Paul Wesley talked to EOnline about his role in Alaric's new storyline.

"It's a Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde thing and it's so desperately what that character needed. He was becoming the typical guardian. They took a character that was so safe and stable and relatively predictable and gave him this incredible twist. I thought that was one of the coolest ideas they had all year." Wesley went on to spoil, "Stefan's definitely going to be a part of exorcising the demons out of him."

Matt Davis was clearly thrilled by his character's dark turn and had this to add.

"It's a beautiful experience to watch unfold, I love seeing the evolution of the character...I love that we're at the tipping point of the consequence of all that."

In other CW news the announcement of Davis joining the CW's new pilot Cult sent fans into a panic. however, fans can rest assured Alaric isn't going anywhere too soon.

"Alaric's journey on TVD is far from over," Matt Davis tweeted. "The CW has been gracious enough to allow me the opportunity to play two amazing characters simultaneously on their network....assuming Cult gets picked up."