Vampire Diaries Season 2: Ian Somerhalder~Damon’s Not Happy & Hurt, So S*** Goes Down

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September 2, 2010

There’s only one week until the Season 2 premiere of “Vampire Diaries”. Here’s some great spoilage from Zap2it’s exclusive visit to the set of “The Vampire Diaries’.” They had a sit down with the always charming Ian Somerhalder to dish about what’s next for Damon Salvatore.

In last spring’s finale, we saw a new side of Damon when he confessed his feelings for Elena (Nina Dobrev). In Somerhalder’s words, Damon put himself in a “vulnerable, ridiculous, horrible position.” Somerhalder scoffs when I ask him if he likes Damon’s softer moments.

“No, because then I feel like Stefan,” he says. “With the scene on the porch, it wasn’t hard kissing Katherine, but it was hard being vulnerable. It’s so counter-intuitive for me now, as Damon, when I put on the clothes and the whole thing.”

Unfortunately, his heartfelt confession fell on the wrong ears — and on the wrong lips. So what’s going to happen when Damon reveals that he kissed Katherine, the wolf in sheep’s clothing?

“He’s not going to be very happy, and most likely he’s going to be hurt,” Somerhalder says. “And when Damon’s not happy and hurt, s*** goes down.”

Which isn’t to say that Katherine and Damon won’t get it together and live out eternity in murderous monogamous bliss. “We’re gonna work this out,” he laughs. “Why not? Cops come twice a week, domestic violence…”

Source: Zap2it