‘The Vampire Diaries’ Hot Trio Lands EW Cover

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February 8, 2012

The hotter than hot The Vampire Diaries trio of Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have landed the latest cover of EW.

The steamy shot has me at a lose for words, so help me please with your thoughts on this amazing cover!!

Source: Naira_TVD

  • Rloved


  • Francisca

    My God …

  • OH. MY. GOD. 

  • Jjhhhu


  • Uncle Jackass

    Kinky… I wonder if they done this for all Vampire series? Tru Blood, Being Human, Twilight, etc

  • Franky-11

    oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ian keeps getting hotter an hotter and I absoloutely love this cover shot!!!! one of the best one so far <3


    HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

  • Erin

    Now how do we get a copy of this?

  • Stefanlover

    no stefannn hes like OMGG babby i love himm

  • the originals<333333